Magento Architecture: Here we are going to discuss Magento’s architecture. There isn’t much difference between Magento 1 and Magento 2 architecture. Now we are going to implement (User Interface) UI.

The following diagram will clear your concept of Magento architecture –

Architecture of Magento

The main component of Magento’s architecture are models, views, and controllers.

  • User Request: Here, the user sends the request to the server in the form of a message request where search engines, web browsers, etc. act as a client.
  • View: View shows the data in a particular format. Here the user interface is responsible for displaying the responses for the user request. It specifies the idea behind the Model’s data presentation to the user. In simple words, View is used to show how your data must look.
  • Controllers: Controllers are responsible for the response given to user input and for performing an interaction with the data model objects. Controllers use models to process the data, and it sends back responses to the View.
  • Model: The Model manages all of the data of an application. It represents the basic data objects in the framework and contains the logic of the data. It responds to a request from the View and to the instructions from the controller to update itself.
  • Database: Database contains the information which is requested by the user. When the user requests the data, View sends this request to the controller, then the controller requests from the Model, and the Model fetches the required data from the database and responds to the user. 
  •  WSDL: Its full form is Web Services Description Language. It helps in describing web services and how to get them.

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