Banner config

  • The banner is a little pool which is used in Cisco systems and also in other systems like Unix, Linux and so no.
  • It permits a text that is displayed when you log in a router via SSH.
  • Banner messages should be used to warn the intruders that they are not welcome on your network.
  • Banners are also useful to identify the terminal.
  • In configure mode “banner ?” command is used to see the types of the banner. It is explained in the below image:
banner config1

Message Of The Day (MOTD)

It is the most extensively used banner. It gives a message to every person who is connecting to the router via telnet or an auxiliary port.

banner config2

The above banner will be displayed at the login prompt to all users connecting to the device.

banner config3

Login banner

A login banner is configured to be displayed on all connected terminals. It is displayed after the MOTD banner but before the login prompts.

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