Bootstrap Input Type

tutorial and example
tutorial and example

In bootstrap, we can create different types of input type. The following bootstrap input types are:

  • textarea
  • checkbox
  • radio
  • select etc.

Bootstrap Input

Bootstrap supports all the HTML5 input type: text,password,datetime etc.

Let us see an example of Bootstrap Input Type:

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Note: We can change the size of the input element by using its class: .input-lg, .input-sm and widths by using .col-lg-* , .col-sm-* class.

Bootstrap Textarea

Bootstrap textarea is used to add the various type of content. We can create textarea easily let start how to create it.

Let us see an example of Bootstrap Textarea:

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Bootstrap Checkboxes

Bootstrap check box is used to check multiple option with value at a time . We can create checkboxe easily. Lets start how to implemt it.

Let us see an example of Bootstrap Checkboxes:

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Note: We can create checkbox inline by using its .checkbox-inline class

Bootstrap Radio Buttons

Bootstrap radio button is used to select the value. By default it is not selected. It wil return true and false. We can create radio button easily. Lets start how to iimplement.

Let us see an example of Bootstrap Radio Buttons:

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Bootstrap Select List

We can create select list box. It is used to select one or many more option a a time . The select list content used with <option> element

Let us see an example of Bootstrap Select List:

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Some Other Advance Example of Form Inputs control.

Example1: (Static Control)

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Example1: (Input Groups)

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The .input-group-btn class is used to attach a button on input. It is often used together with a search bar:

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There are various form Control states that are given below, try it yourself.