Bootstrap Tabs & Pills

Bootstrap Menus

Bootstrap menu is used to create different types of menu. It can created horizontal with its .list-inlineclass.

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Bootstrap Tabs

Bootstrap tabl is look like is menu but there is some difference. We can create a basic navigation tag with <ul class=”nav nav-tabs”>. You can mark the current page with <li class=”active”>.

Let us see an example of Bootstrap Tabs:

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Bootstrap Tabs with Dropdown Menu

We can create tabs with the dropdown menu.

Let us see an example of Bootstrap Tabs with Dropdown Menu:

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Bootstrap Pills

We can create pills with the help of <ul class=”nav nav-pills”>. By default it is supported horizontal.

Let us see an example of Bootstrap Pills:

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Bootstrap Vertical Pills

We can create vertical pill by using .nav-stacked class.

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Note : We can create center/justify Tabs and pills by using .nav-justified class.

Bootstrap Dynamic Pills

Bootstrap Dynamic Pills is same as dynamic toggleable tabs but there is some difference that can be understand by its example.


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