Bootstrap Tutorial

This Bootstrap tutorial helps beginners and professionals to learn Bootstrap easily. Bootstrap Introduction Bootstrap is an open-source front-end web framework which is used to design responsive websites and web applications. It is toolkit that works with front end technologies like: HTML, CSS, JS and JQuery. Index Title Tutorial Environment Setup Tutorial Bootstrap First Example Tutorial Bootstrap With …

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Bootstrap First Example

1) Add HTML5 doctype Before starting the example of Bootstrap, we should know about the some basic rules of Bootstrap. We have to add HTML5 doctype with lang element and CSS properties.

2) Bootstrap 3 is mobile-first The latest version of Bootstrap is used to create responsive website for mobile devices. We have to use <meta> …

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Bootstrap Typography

Bootstrap provides simple and easily customized typography for headings, body text, lists, and many more. Headline

By default, Bootstrap has HTML headings (<h1> to <h6>) that are given below: Example

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Bootstrap Jumbotron

Bootstrap jumbotron specify the lightweight, flexible component that can optionally extend the entire viewport of the messages on our websites. It is default grey color and enlarges the font size of the text. It is offent used with <div> element Example 1

Try Now Note: We can use jumbotron inside and outside of the …

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Bootstrap Tables

We can create different types of responsive and awesome bootstrap table like: striped , border etc. Bootstrap Basic Table We can create a basic bootstrap table by using its class .table. It has light padding and horizontal divider. Example

Try Now Bootstrap Border Table We can create bootstrap border table by using its class .table-bordered.

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Bootstrap Buttons

In Bootstrap, there are various styles that we can apply on the button by using its class. Following are the button classes of Bootstrap:


Try Now Note: The button classes can be used on an <a>, <button> or <input> element. Button Sizes Bootstrap has four button sizes classes that are given below: …

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