Frequently asked questions about Bugzilla

Q1. What are reports in Bugzilla?

A1. Reports can be defined as an interface between the user and the database of Bugzilla. It helps to examine and inspect a bug more closely and in a more informative manner. With the help of reports, one can easily observe a bug on a deeper level. Hence, making debugging easier.

Q2. Which technology is mainly Bugzilla deployed and executed on?

A2. Bugzilla is mainly developed in LAMP which is short for LINUX, APACHE, MySQL and PHP.

Q3. What is Bugzilla’s Bug Query Page?

A3. Bugzilla’s Bug Query Page is one of the most important part of Bugzilla. It is hook, line and sinker of Bugzilla. It is where you can find the bug report, comment and patch. It helps in working efficiently further.

Q4. What is a bug report in Bugzilla? How can it be created?

A4. A bug report is an amalgam of traces, analysis, database and other information. This helps you to keep track of the bugs in your web application. This way one can easily fix bugs that are there in your application.

Q5. What is bug bounty program?

A5. A bug bounty program is a pact to developers who are able to find big bugs in software or applications. In this, the developers are given incentive and acknowledgement for their work in this field.

Q6. What is a functional bug?

A6. As the name suggests, functional bugs are the errors that are related to the functionality of software.

Q7. Which is the latest version of Bugzilla?

A7. The latest version of Bugzilla is 5.0.6. This version is also in active development.

Q8. What is graphical report in Bugzilla?

A8. Graphical reports are the reports that are in the form of pie charts, line and bar graphs. It is very easy to configure and understand a report when it is in the form

of graphs and charts. Graphical reports are the most common type of report in bugzilla.

Q9. What is tabular report in Bugzilla?

A9. Tabular reports are in the form of tables. This type of report is based on HTML and CVS.

Q10. Can Bugzilla run on Oracle/ Sybase/ MySQL/ PostgreSQL?

A10. Yes, bugzilla can run on all these databases.

Q11. What is meant by Red Hat Bugzilla?

A11. Red Hat Bugzilla is a bug tracking web tool that is used by Red Hat Distribution projects.

Q12. What is Loki Bugzilla?

A12. Loki Bugzilla (also called Fenris) is a bug tracking web tool created by Loki Games.

Q13. Can a report be created in Word format or Excel format in Bugzilla?

A13. No, bug reports cannot be created in word format or excel format in case of bugzilla.

Q14. Is there any backup feature available in Bugzilla?

A14. MySQL allows user to take a backup in Bugzilla.

Q15. Are attachments allowed in the case of Bugzilla?

A15. Yes, attachments are allowed in case of bugzilla.

Q16. Are there any security problems?

A16. Many users have complaint about the security problems. However, bugzilla is definitely working hard to eliminate all the security issues that the users have faced.

Q17. Is cloning a bug an option in Bugzilla?

A17. Yes, bugzilla does provide services of cloning an existing bug.

Q18. Are there any cookies required in Bugzilla?

A18. Yes, bugzilla uses cookies.

Q19. Who developed Bugzilla? Is it 100% free?

A19. Bugzilla was developed by Terry Weissman in 1998. He along with various other developers released this web tool under the name of Mozilla. This is one of the earliest software released by Mozilla. Bugzilla is also 100% free.

Q20. Which was the first language Bugzilla developed in originally?

A20. ‘TCL’ was the original and first language bugzilla was built on. ‘TCL’ is a procedural language. It is regarded as one of the simplest languages.

Q21. What are some alternatives of Bugzilla?

A21. Some alternatives of bugzilla are

  • JIRA
  • Mantis
  • GitLab
  • Redmine

Q22. How to create an account in Bugzilla?

A22. Steps involved in creating an account in Bugzilla are:

  • Enter your email-id and full name, then create the account.
  • Email is sent to you on your email address, verify it’s you and your account will be made.

Q23. What is WONTFIX?

A23. The bug which is marked as WONTFIX is that bug which cannot be fixed.

A24. It is a tree like structure which shows the links between various bugs.

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