C Language Tutorial

Introduction to C Programming C is most popular and widely used computer programming language. It was developed by Dennis Ritchie in 1972 at the Bell Lab. It is used to develop system application software. There are various UNIX application developed in C language like OS, Compiler and many more. C Language History  C was started as a …

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C Language Environment Setup

To compile C program, we must have GCC compiler installed on our machine. In this C tutorial, all the examples are compiled and tested using GCC compiler. Although we can use other C compilers also, GCC provides better performance. Installation To installGCC(GNU Compiler Collection), visit official site (http://mingw.org/download/installer)and download after downloading we can install it …

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C printf and Scanf

Input-Output functions in C Programming In C Language, the printf() and scanf() are inbuilt library functions that used for input and output. It is defined in the header file“<stdio.h>”. printf() Function: In C programming language, printf() function is used to print the values. The values may be character, string,float,integer etc. We can use different types …

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C Data type

Data Types in C with Examples Data types are used to define the type of data that a variable can store to perform a specific operation. ANSI C provides three types of data-types. Primary Data Types Derived Data Type User Defined Data Types Primitive data types: Void It holds no value and generally used with …

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C Token

C Token and Keyword The C tokens are the basic buildings blocks in C language which are constructed together to write a C program. Each and every smallest individual unit in the C program is known as C Tokens. There are six types of tokens in the C language that are given below: Keywords Identifier Constant String Operator …

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Variable in C

Variable is an identifier that holds data in memory. It is used to identify input data in a program. The value of the variable can change at the time of executions. Let’s consider the syntax of a variable.

We can also declare multiple variables with the same data type by using comma (,). Example: …

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Operators in C

An operator is a special symbol that tells the compiler to perform specific mathematical or logical operations. It is the combination of constants and variables through expressions. Example:

Where, =, +,* are operators, a,b,c are the variables and  5 is the constants. There are various types of the operator in C Language. Types of …

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Comments in C

Comments are used to comment on the line of code in the program. Comments are a way of inserting remarks and reminders into code without affecting its behavior. The compiler ignores comments, treating them as though they were whitespace. There are two types of comments: Single Line Comments Multiple Line Comments   Single Line Comments: …

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