What is a Computer?

The computer is an electronic device that store, retrieve and process the data in binary form according to our need. It takes some input, process it, and produces some output”.  The word computer is derived by the Latin word “computare,” which means that “to calculate and programmable machine.”

 The computer is work according to the individual instructions; there is no IQ level in computers like a human being.

working of the computer system
Fig:  The whole working of the Computer System.

The computer can process both numerical and non-numerical (arithmetic and logical) calculations. Mostly, the computer operations are related to manipulation of data, which is stored in different types of memory.

The bit is the smallest unit of computer memory, the group of eight bits is known as Byte.  The computer can be instructed to carry out sequences of arithmetical and logical operations automatically by computer programming, and it works with the software program. The computer shows the decimal number through a string of binary digits; the word computer usually refers to the central processing unit and internal memory.

Computer Fundamentals Index

1. Introduction of computer fundamental

2. Computer Languages

3. Computer Generation

4. Peripheral Devices

5. Components

6. Memory

7. Computer Network

8. Computer Virus

9. Computer Ports


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