Configure a hostname on a router

  • A hostname is a unique name given to a device (router or switch) on a network and is used to identify one device from another on a specific network over the internet.
  • The system administrators also use a hostname for administrative purpose.
  • Hostnames may use all characters between a to z, A to Z, and 0-9.
  • The hostname does not contain white space.

Here are the steps to provide hostname to a router:

  • Login to IOS device and type enable to enter into privileged exec mode.
  • Enter the global configuration mode by typing configure terminal.
  • Once you enter the global configuration mode, type command hostname R1 to set hostname as R1 on the Router.
Configure hostname1

Change the hostname

To change the hostname, type hostname command followed by the name that you want to assign to a particular device in Global configuration mode.

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