• Password configuration is an in-built feature of Cisco devices.
  • Each Cisco device uses a password to authenticate users for accessing the device and also provides security to the Cisco devices.

There are five types of the password which are used to secure Cisco routers:

  • Enable Password
  • Enable Secret
  • Auxiliary Password
  • Console Password
  • Telnet Password

Enable Password

Enable password allows security on a Cisco router when a user moves from User Exec Mode to Privileged Exec Mode.

You can set enable password in global configuration mode by using the command“enable password”:


The above command creates the enable password.

  • In case, if you entered an incorrect password three times, it will show the error “% Bad secrets.”
configure-password 1
  • If you entered the correct password, it directly enters in the Privileged Exec Mode.
configure-password 2
  • If you forget the password, use “show running-config” command to view the password.
configure-password 3

Enable Secret Password

Enable secret password is quite similar to the Enable password. The main difference between Enable and Enable secret is the encryption. Enable password stored in a plain text format and is not encrypted. While in Enable secret password, a password is in encrypted form. Means Enable Secret Password is more secure as compare to Enable password.

configure-password 4

To see your encrypted password, use “show running-config” command.

configure-password 5

Auxiliary Password

Auxiliary Password is configured into the “Global Configuration Mode” by typing the command “line aux ?”

configure-password 6

You can see <0-0> because there is only one port.

configure-password 7

Console Password

Console password is used on a network when multiple users have to access the router. It prevents an unauthorized user from accessing the router.

To set the console password, use “line console 0” command. We choose 0 because there is only one console port.

configure-password 8

Telnet Password

To configure Telnet password into the router or switch, first, move into the line configuration mode and use line vty0 4 command. Here ‘0 4’ means we are configuring the router for 0 to 4, i.e., total of 5 users can take router’s telnet at the same time.

configure-password 9

There are three sub-portions of telnet which should be configured on to the router before you can access it through-

  1. An interface IP
  2. Enable or Enable secret
  3. Vtyconfig

Let’s verify to take telnet of a router

Our topology is:

configure-password 10

First assign the IP address to router, PC, and server so that they can communicate with each other.

configure-password 11

To verify the reachability to the router, we use ping command as below example:

Since we are able to ping, now try to take telnet to router from ping.

configure-password 12

Important Note:

Note 1: To provide the IP address to the device (PC or Server), first click on the device then click on IP configuration and provide IP address manually to the device.

Note 2: For ping, click on the device then go to command prompt and first type ping and then the IP address of the device that you want to access.

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