C++ is a middle-level programming language developed in 1980s by Bjarne Stroustrup at Bel Labs.

C ++ development initially started in 1979, four years before its launch. It is started with name C with Classes not C++.

In the end part of 1983, C with Classes was first used for AT&T’s internal programming needs.

In the same year its name was changed to C++. C++ was not released commercially until the late part of 1985.

C++ Language Evolution:

Let us see how C++ programming language evaluation takes place.

Language Developer Year
Algo International Group 1960
BCPL Martin Richard 1967
B Ken Thompson 1970
Tradition C Dennis Ritche 1972
K & R C Kernighan and Dennis Ritche 1978
C++ Bjarne Stroustrup 1980


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