Difference between Angular and React

Difference between Angular and React
Parameters AngularReact
Type Angular is a complete framework. React is a JavaScript library, and much older compared to Angular.
Use of Library Angular is a complete solution itself. React JS can be packaged with another programming libraries.
Community support It has dependable community support. It doesn’t offer much in community support.
Learning curve Learning angular is not easy for beginners, so that it requires a lot of training and practice. It is easier to grasp compared to Angular. However, it is difficult to learn when combined with Redux.
Installation time Angular is easy to set up, but it may lead to an increase in coding time. React takes longer to set up. But, it is fast for delivering projects and building apps.
Feature It offers a limited amount of freedom and flexibility. React gives us the freedom to choose the tools, architecture, and libraries, for developing an app.
Data binding Angular uses two-way data binding method. It helps you to ensure that the model state automatically changes when any change is made. React language uses one-waydata binding, which elements cannot be changed without updating the model.
Testing and debugging In Angular, The testing and debugging of a whole project is possible with a single tool. It requires a set of tools to perform various types of testing.
Documentation Due to the ongoing development process, the documentation is slower. The documentation is faster here.
Updates It updates itself every six months. Updates in React are simple because it helps in migration.
Application Types If we want to develop a SPA (Single Page Application) and the mobile app, then Angular is best. We use to react when we want to develop Native apps, hybrid apps, or web apps.
Model Based on MVC (Model View Controller) It is mainly based on virtual DOM
Written in Typescript JavaScript
Community support A large community of developers. Facebook developer’s community.
Language Preferences Typescript JSX- JavaScript XML
Companies using We pay, Beam, Auto trader, Mesh, Streamline social, etc. Facebook, Uber technologies, Instagram, Netflix, Pinterest, Etc
Template HTML+ Typescript JSX+ J% (ES5/ES6)
Abstraction Strong Medium
Git hub star 80.8k 180k
Adding JavaScript library to the source code Adding JavaScript library to the source code is not possible. Adding JavaScript library to the source code is possible.
Use of code Angular has a lot of ready to use elements. However, it mainly comes from a specific provider. So, there are priority collisions and namespaces. React allows us to manage code according to our desired format.
Fork 48.2 k 30.3 k

Both React JS and Angular JS are great options for single page application and both of them are entirely different instruments. May be our perception about React Vs Angular JS, is based on our, requirement of functionality and usability.

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