Django Tutorial

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Django Introduction

It is a web application framework written in a python programming language. It based on the MVT( Model View Templet) design pattern. It takes a short time to build an application after collecting client requests. That’s why Django is very demanding due to its rapid development function.

Django in Roman term means ”I awake”.

Tag Line for Django: The web framework for perfectionists with deadlines.

Django designed in such a way that it handles much of the configuration stuff automatically, so we can focus only on application development.

History of Django

 It is the nickname of the Belgian jazz guitarist Jean Baptiste “Django” Reinhardt, whose fame has led to his use in music. Django is also the name of a web development framework.

Django was created in the fall of 2003, when the web programmers of the Lawrence Journal-World newspaper, Adrian Holovaty and Simon Willison, began using Python to create applications. It was publicly released under a BSD(Berkeley Software Distribution) license in July 2005.

Django was realeased on 21 july 2005

Versions of Django

Version  Date  Description
2.2 1 April 2019 It is designated long-term support release.
2.0 Dec 2017 First release of python 3 ,simplified URL  routing syntax and also provide mobile friendly administration.
1.11 LTS Last version to support python  2.7. supported until atleast April 2020
1.10 1 Aug 2016 Full Text Search for PostgreSQL. It is new style middleware.
1.9 1 Dec 2015 New styling for admin interface. It has also include Automatic password validation.
1.8LTS 1 April 2015 It provide native support to for multiple templet engines. Supported until at least April 2018
1.8 LTS 2 Sep 2014 Configuration, Application and Migration
1.7 2 Sep 2014 Configuration, Application and Migration
1.6 6 Nov 2013 Database transaction management , connection pooling, dedicated to Malcolm tredinick.
1.05 26 Feb 2013 Python 3 support  and configurable user model
1.3 23 March 2011 Timezone, in  browser testing and templates
1.2 17 May 2010 It support multiple database connection CSRF, model validation.
1.1 29 July 2009 Aggregates , Transaction based tests
1.0 3 Sep 2008 API Stability, decoupled admin, unicode
0.96 23 March 2007 Newforms , testing tools

Django Topics

Django – Tutorial

Django- What is Django

Django- Features

Django Installation

Django- Project

Django- Life Cycle of Django

Django- App Creation

Django- MVT

Django- Model


Django- Template

Django- Email

Django- Page Redirection

Django- Generic View

Django- Url Mapping

Django- Static files Handling

Django- Models Forms

Django- Forms

Django-Form Validation

Django-File Upload

Django- Database Connectivity

Django- Migration


Django-Request and Response

Django- Exception




Django-Deployment on Github





Django- Django and Bootstrap

Django- Default CRUD

Django-CRUD Application

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