The “Do While” Loop is the same, unlike the FOR statement, just that it will keep on looping till the specified condition is true. It is used when we want to repeat a set of statements where the condition may be checked at the beginning or at the end of the loop.


Alternate Syntax

The difference between both the syntax is that in the first one, the While condition is checked first before any code block or statement is executed, and in the second syntax, the given statement or code block is executed first, and then the While condition is checked. Even if the while condition is false, but it will still run at least once in the second syntax.

Example 1: Write a macro using Do While loop to print the odd number between 1 -10.








Example 2: Write a procedure or macro using Do Loop that does the following:

Get “Qualified” in column E if the value of column D is above 200


Name Title Date Sale Amount Qualified/Disqualified
Leo Hendry Customer Service 6/8/2016 $220.00 Qualified
Rani Bhardwaj Sales 1/1/2014 $251.00 Qualified
Elmer C. Laslo Customer Service 6/16/2016 $217.00 Qualified
Ayush Khurana Data Entry Specialist 5/31/2015 $344.00 Qualified
Gerard M. Banmiller Customer Service 1/11/2014 $980.00 Qualified
Gregory L. Gibson IT Manager 11/22/2015 $178.00 Disqualified
Megha Malik Customer Service 3/31/2014 $258.00 Qualified
N. William White Sales Manager 12/21/2015 $38.00 Disqualified
Robert F. Mangano Data Entry Specialist 7/16/2015 $371.00 Qualified
Itrat Zaidi IT Tech 6/8/2016 $67.00 Disqualified
Thomas E. Vessey Business Development Executive 3/21/2016 $437.00 Qualified
DO WHILE….Loop in VBA2

Example 3: In the following procedure, the “n>6” condition is tested at the beginning of the loop, Loop ends because the condition is not met. Hence, the msgbox returns the value of 0.



While Using the Second Syntax

Example 4: In the following procedure, the “n>6” condition is tested at the end of the loop, and because it is met, the loop executes, but only once after which the value of n decreases to 5, and the Loop ends. The msgbox returns the value of 6.


DO WHILE….Loop in VBA 4

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