Excel SECOND() Function

The SECOND() function in excel converts a serial number to SECOND (0 – 59).



SERIAL_NUMBER (required)- This parameter represents the date or time from which you want to extract seconds.


Date & Time


This function returns the SECOND from 0 to 59.

Example 1

Objective: Identify today’s weekday number basis different return_type value

Col A Result Formula
11/12/2019 22:31 42  =SECOND(A15)
10:15 AM 0  =SECOND(A16)
10:20 PM 0  =SECOND(A17)

Example 2

Objective: Extract SECOND from below given dummy entries

Dummy Entries Result Formula
1-Jan-16 5:37:39 PM 39  =SECOND(A15)
0.46347 24  = SECOND(A16)
23-Feb-18 0  = SECOND(A17)

Example 3

Objective: Return current SECOND value

Result Formula
54  =SECOND(NOW())

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