Git Bash

In a version control system, Git can be considered as a bunch of unique command-line service provider which has the power to serve almost every requirement to your project be it collaboration or contribution.

Therefore, Git Bash is a command-line utility tool for the execution of certain commands in a Windows environment. In Linux distributions or macOS, it is an inbuilt feature that closely integrates with the operating system.

In other perspectives, Bash is a Windows emulation environment that delivers the command-line interface just like the command prompt in Windows. It can help in locally controlling all your files that you may someday with the version control. In general, it a package that has an integrated development environment of letting you serves your open source contributions or personal project contribution.

Why Bash?

Since most of the users are familiar with Windows OS, Git Bash seems the best option that can be integrated with GitHub. GitHub is also closely designed to establish more close relationship when the versioning takes place with the Git Bash.  To check our installed version, we simply use the command:


Although versions of Git Bash don’t play a crucial role in your project, it is still highly recommended to use the latest version because the latest versions are well-managed and are bug-fixed. The latest version will also have some new features for your project which may not know while developing; therefore it is the best option to download the fresh versions from the official website of Git.


Present Working Directory or the pwd command in Git Bash is a unique command which helps in navigating across different sections of the directory. It has the same nature as the cd command in the Windows console host. By default, it is the path or the folder where the session of Bash occurs.

The other commands like ‘list’ or ls are also used to navigate across the Windows terminal just like the CMD. It is similar to the directory console terminal present in a Windows operating system.

In general, both Windows and Bash have something in common and they operate similarly although the graphical user interface is quite different in terms of looks. One such command is cd which is common for both interfaces. This command is primarily used as an acronym of ‘Change Directory’. It invokes the directory by name and changes the session of the terminal from the current working directory to the passed directory argument.


  1. There are plenty of features in Git Bash. Some of the features are discussed below:
  • It is shell scripted with SH-compatible features and is primarily derived from the nature of UNIX Bourne Shell. It consists of scripting features like aliases, controlling jobs, manipulating directories, etc.
  •  Bash is a single command-line utility tool consisting of heavy usage of alphabetical and understandable commands making it easy for beginners to gain more insights. It is also a multi-charactered command-line tool that has options of debugging(–debug), login credentials(–login), etc.
  • Bash has a unique way of reading and executing files when they are made to free-run. Each executable file is differently scripted thereby helping to identify and create a development environment.
  • Bash uses keys bindings that can be used to instantiate customized sequences.
  • Manipulation of lists is very easy while using Git Bash because it has the function of single dimension arrays for easy reference. Also, Bash has menu generation features for controlling and constructing structures.
  • Bash interacts directly with the operating system and version control so that there is a copy of the working directory in the local storage enabling backup like a boss.

Insights of using Git Bash

Git Bash is not the only option available for using it in your project. There might be various other options available like Maven, BitBucket, GitLab, etc which deliver the same. One added advantage that sets apart Git Bash from other interfaces is its close integrity with the development environment.

Git Bash captures the keen eye of the developers who look forward to collaborating in a single workspace along with the proper utility tool for which Git Bash fits the best.

Another area of edge Git Bash offers is it is a simple and easy-to-learn interface. Git Bash is by far the most used version control application for creating, merging, and managing all the deployment-related conflicts and queries with seamless efforts.

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