Many-to-Many Hibernate Mapping with Example

In Many-to-Many association mapping, more than one objects of a persistent class are associated with more than one objects of another persistent class. For example, many (categories) are related to many (items) and vice-versa as it is a bidirectional mapping.

Here, we are creating an example of many-to-many association mapping. In this example, we need to specify @ManyToMany and @JoinTable annotations in the persistent class. Here, we need to take a collection property like Set, Map, Bag, and List in both persistent classes.

Following are the steps to create the example:

  1. Create all Persistent classes

In this step, we are going to develop persistent classes, i.e., and

  • Create the configuration file

In this step, we are going to create the configuration class (hibernate.cfg.xml) which contains the information of persistent class and the database.


  • Create the main class that stores the object of the persistent class

In this step, we are going to create a class which consists of main() method, and stores the objects of persistent classes.

  • Output
Many-to-Many Hibernate Mapping
  • Database tables

categories table

categories table Many-to-Many Hibernate Mapping

items table

items table Many-to-Many Hibernate Mapping

cate_items table

cate_items table Many-to-Many Hibernate Mapping

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