History and Version of Magento: In Early 2007, Magento officially began production. And seven months later, the first public beta version was released on August 31, 2007.

Formerly partnered with osCommerce Varien, the company owned by Magento had initially planned to fork osCommerce but later decided to redesign it as Magento.

The platform was the winner of several “Best of Open Source Software Awards” and “SourceForge Community Choice Awards” in the first years of its existence.

eBay announced in February 2011 that it invested in Magento in 2010, worth a 49 percent share of the company’s shares. On June 6, 2011, eBay revealed it would buy the majority of Magento, joining the latest X. Initiatives of commerce. CEO and co-founder of Magento, Roy Rubin, wrote on the blog of Magento that “Magento will continue to operate with Yoav Kutner and me from Los Angeles.

In April 2012, Yoav Kutner left Magento, citing that Magento’s vision had changed since the acquisition due to changes in high-level personnel.

After the collapse of eBay after Carl Icahn’s raid, the new owner, Permira private equity fund spun out Magento as an independent company on November 3, 2015.

Yoav Kutner left Magento in April 2012, citing that the vision of Magento had changed as a result of changes in high-level personnel since the acquisition.

        Years                           Description
2007 The First beta was released for all customers.
2008 First stable versions 1.0 of Magento globally available this year. 
2009 This year Magento has released Enterprise Edition, and during this year, Magento has more popular.
2010 Magento Mobile was released this year and also released two more new version Enterprise Edition, 1.8 Community Edition 1.4. 
2011 This year Magento was acquired by eBay. The first Magento imagine conference was held was it announced Magento Developer certification.
2012 In this year 2012 witnessed, 4 million downloads and 150,000 stores were use the Magento platform to run their online stores.
2013 This is the year of CE 1.6 and EE 1.11. The new versions bring more advanced price calculation options, while EE also gets new indexing.
2014 In this year again, two new versions launched EE 1.12, CE 1.7.
2015 The Year 2015, the Magento 2 community Edition 2.0 released, and Permira took Magento ownership.
2016 This year Magneto 2 EE Released. And also, RJMatrics was acquired by magneto. And Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition released.
2017 In the Year of 2017, the Magento renamed both of their platforms to Magento Open Source and Magento Commerce.
2018 In May, Magento was acquired by Adobe for $1.68 Billion and prepared for the integration with Adobe Experience Cloud and Enterprise CMS platform. Magento Imagine 2018 conference in Las Vegas attracted more than 3,000 attendees, across 60 countries around the world.  

 All Magento Released versions:

History and Version of Magento
Date of released Versions Description
31-Aug-2007   Magento CE 1.0 Beta   The first public beta version released.  
24-Jun-2008 Magento CE 1.0   More products Added  
10-oct-2008 Magento CE 1.1   First Magento community Edition released.  
29-Dec-2008 Magento CE 1.2   Adobe downloadable product, Layered Navigation, FTP.  
30-Mar-2009 Magento CE 1.3   Introduced catalogs  
12-Feb-2010 Magento CE 1.4   Introduced Widgets and WYSIWYG Editor.  
08-Feb-2011 Magento CE 1.5   Added iPhone and Android to Magento Mobile.  
  Magento CE 1.6   Multi DB support.  
  Magento 2.0 Development start The new transformed version of Magento.  
24-Apr-2012 Magento CE 1.7   Added Mobile theme, Auto coupon code, group pricing.  
11-Dec-2013 Magento CE 1.8   Enhanced the tax calculations and redis cache in core.  
2014 – 2015 Magento CE 1.9.x   We have added more themes and Emails.  
18-Nov-2015 Magento CE 2.0.0   Transformation flexibility, Scalability, and performance.  
20-Jan-2016 Magento CE 2.0.1   Functions updates, included official support for php 7.0.2.  
29-Jan-2016 Magento CE 2.0.2   Fixed issues upgrading from Magento 2.0.0 to 2.0.1.  
31-Mar-2016 Magento CE 2.0.3   Version replaced by 2.0.4.  
01-Apr-2016 Magento CE 2.0.4   Security and performance improvements of Magento 2.0.3.  
28-Apr-2016 Magento CE 2.0.5   Miscellaneous Functional Fixed  
17-May-2016 Magento CE 2.0.6   Security Enhancements, several functional fixes.  
24-May-2016 Magento CE 2.0.7   One function fixed in payment gateway.  
19-Jul-2016 Magento CE 2.0.8   Several functions fixes  
  11-Aug-2016 Magento CE 2.0.9   Several functions fixes.  
31-Oct-2016 Magento CE 2.0.10   Multiple security & sales API enhancement  
01-Dec-2016 Magento CE 2.0.11   Over 70 bugs fixed & Enhancements.  
Feb-2017 Magento CE 2.0.12   Over 20 functions & security fixes  
17-Apr-2017 Magento CE 2.0.13   Several functions fixes  
31-May-2017 Magento CE 2.0.14   Magento software security critical enhancements  
21-Jun-2017 Magento CE 2.0.15   Support for changes in PayPal’s IPN  
23-Jun-2016 Magento CE 2.1.0   Numerous functional fixes and enhancement  
30-Aug-2016 Magento CE 2.1.1   Functional fixes and static content deploy enhancement.  
12-Oct-2016 Magento CE 2.1.2   Security enhancements and functional fixes.  
14-Dec-2016 Magento CE 2.1.3   Functional enhancement and fixes  
07-Feb-2016 Magento CE 2.1.4   Functional fixes and enhancement.  
21-Feb-2017 Magento CE 2.1.5   Several functional fixes.  
28-Apr-2017 Magento CE 2.1.6   Category pages & image resizing performance enhancement.  
31-May-2017 Magento CE 2.1.7   Critical enhancement to the security  
04-Aug-2017 Magento CE 2.2.0 -RC   Release 2.2.0 with new features & fixes.  
09-Aug-2017 Magento open source 2.1.8   Magento open source (formally community edition).  
14-Dec-2017 Magento CE 2.1.9   Include security fixes and enhancements to Magento software.  
07-Nov-2017 Magento CE 2.2.1   Include functional fixes and enhancement to Magento.  
12-Dec-2017 Magento CE 2.2.2   Include new tools, functional fixes and enhancements, along with number of contributions.  
27-Feb-2018 Magento CE 2.2.3   Enhancement to product security and to ACL control for cache management through Magento Admin.  
02-May-2018 Magento CE 2.2.4   New tools and numerous functional bug fixes and enhancements.  
01-Jul-2018 Magento CE 2.2.5   Improvement in product security bug fixes and enhancement.  
18-Sep-2018 Magento CE 2.2.6   The Critical improvements in product security, core code fixes and enhancement.  
Oct-2018 Magento CE 2.2.7   Improvements in products security core code fixes and enhancement.  
28-Nov-2018 Magento CE 2.3.0   Includes numerous functional fixes and enhancements.  
26-Mar-2019 Magento CE 2.2.8   The Critical improvements in product security core code fixes and enhancements.  
2019 Magento CE 2.3.1   Functional fixes to the core products over 500, pull requests contributed by the community & security enhancements.  

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