No website can be successful without attractive and relevant images or pictures. In the current time, the users want speedy information about their searches on the internet browser. The image tells about the products and services at a glimpse and also grabs the attention of the users. But the major issue arises after uploading the photos on the site is slow speed.

Slow loading of photos and images is a time consuming activity. Every user wants to see the relevant images on the site to get precise ideas of topic. Today, we will discuss how to resolve the problems of slow-loading images.

What are the general issues that slow images create on the website?

The speed of any website and images is directly connected in some ways. Slow loading photos can decrease the speed of loading websites. The significant issues of slow running website are as follow:

  • Big sized photos and images place a heavy load on the web pages and websites.
  • Uploading any photo without clear dimensions can also lower the speed of websites.
  • Putting the images with formats such as TIFF and BMP.
  • Uploading several images without using the method of image caching on websites.

What is the best techniques to decrease the time of image loading?

The first way is to reduce the image loading time on the website. It can be done by decreasing its weight. Apart from that, there are many other steps to decrease the time of image loading, such as:

1. Image Compressing Technique

Compression is a best way to get flawless images. We have to reduce the size of the images before putting them on the webpages. Uncompressed images or large-sized image interrupt the website speed.

We can use any photo editing tool and compress all images in it. Besides, you should also keep the quality of the image between 60 to 75%. It will not destroy the quality of the images. Furthermore, you can always view your photos before putting them on any site.

2. Prefer a CDN over Other Tools

If we want to boost the page loading speed and time, we can go for a CDN service. It gives faster images loading and webpages as well. This service also helps in saving the files in the numerous data center locations. This will make website handling task easier and better.

3. Make Adjustments in the File Formats    

Images are available in three main formats such as PNG, WebP, and PNG. Out of these three formats, we can choose the WebP format. It makes the images more precise and transparent. This format also keeps the quality as good as we want in photos and images.

4. Resizing

Although there are numerous other ways to increase page loading speed but resizing the photos remains the best. We can reduce the image and bring it to the appropriate size. Resizing also makes it easier to load our website faster than usual.

5. Speedy Hosting of the Website

This is one of the most useful tips to boost the speed of sites. If the web hosting is slow, it will take a lot of time to load photos and images. The best way to get rid of slow hosting is to select the paid version of web hosting. This will increase the speed of image and page loading as much as we want.


Trying the above steps can minimize the problems of slow loading web pages and sites. You can try these methods and boost the site loading speed.

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