How to write a cover letter

The letter that you include with your job application is known as a cover letter.

One is suggested to always include a cover letter with your job application until unless it is clearly saying not to.


While writing a cover letter, there are a few points that you must keep in mind:

  • Your Introduction.
  • Mention the job you are looking for, or you are applying for.
  • Always mention the similar thing that matches form the job requirement, e.g., experience, skillset, etc.
  • Always uplift the reader to have a good look at your resume.
  • Always finish your resume with a call to action, i.e., Asking for a meeting or interview.

Length of the cover letter

It must be short. Short doesn’t mean very short, just like “Short enough to create the interest and long enough to cover the subject.” The best is to write it on a page.

Your cover letter should match your job

You must always design a different cover letter for every job you apply.

Your cover letter must contain all the data and skill set that is involved in the job, and the employer is looking for.

Here is a simple suggestion to make your cover letter more effective –

  1. The Addressee

The most common way to address anyone is to write, To whom it may concern. But to stand out of the box, try to find out the name of the person who is going to read your application. It might require a little effort, but it’s worth trying.

If you find the job application from an advertisement, it must have mentioned sending the job application to a person. If it doesn’t, then try to get in touch with the employer by means of call or email and ask them who to send the job application to.

If you found out the employer’s name, then you must not include his /her 1st name; instead, use Mr. or Mrs. and their last name.

  • Information about the Job Role

After finding out whom to address, try to contact that person and ask him some questions about your job role. It will surely help you out in adding relevant points in your cover letter.

The following set of questions may help you in your interaction.

  • To whom I will report if I get this job?
  • Can you please brief me a little more about the employer you are looking for?
  • For which profile you are recruiting? (The question should be asked only if the job role is not mentioned in the advertisement).
  • Will this job include working as a team or as an individual?
  • Find information about the company

Try to find more about the company in which you’re going to give the job interview.

You may find the following tips helpful:

  • You can look for information about the company online.
  • You can visit the website of the company for detailed information.
  • If the name of the company is not mentioned in the advertisement, then you can call the recruiter for the same.

Things to include in your cover letter

Here are a few things that you can include in your cover letter to make it more impressive.

  • Your name and contact details

You must write your name and contact details on the top of your cover letter. There is no need to write your postal address on it.

Your email id must look professional. It means that it must include your First Name and Last Name in it.

If you don’t have one, you can make one by using the free email service provider.

  • Their name and contact details

Below your name and the details of the contract, you must write:

  • The Person’s Name to whom you are writing.
  • The person’s position or company name.
  • His contact details.

If in case you are don’t have the above information, then you can call the company to ask whom to address your application.

  • The job’s name for which you are going to apply for

You need to state the name of the job for which you are applying for at the start of the cover letter.

For example, ‘Regarding: Application for BDM position.’

Or you can write it in a paragraph, for example- ‘I am writing to apply for the recently advertised BDM position.’

  • Mention the relevant skillset of your’s

You must mention the appropriate skill set and experience which matches the job description. A short-bulleted list will work fine. It must not be very long.

If you are going to answer a job advertisement, then there must be a position description that states all the relevant skills and experience that is required by the position. You must respond to all the mentioned skills in your cover letter. You must also try to return to the desirable list items, as many as you can, it will be a plus point. 

  • A short description or summary of why you must be hired for the job

After listing all of your relevant skills and experiences, you must explain why these means suited you for the job. This description must not be very long or very short. It must be moderate.

  • Language of speaking

It would be best if you tried to use the same style as people who do that job because it will automatically reflect that you understand the field that the employer or company works in.

Try to find out what employer dose and what are the essential keywords they use in the industry.  It creates a significant impact on the employer.

For example, if there is a software or tool that is used by the industry, then mention it in your cover letter and do attain some basic working knowledge of the same.

  • Ask them to get in touch with you

Your cover letter always finishes by asking the employer to read your resume and get in touch with you.

For example, you can use I look forward to hearing from you about this job. etc

Things to avoid in your cover

There are a few but essential things that you should keep in mind while preparing a cover letter. These things must not be present in your cover letter.

  • Spelling Mistakes or Typos

You must double-check your cover letter before submitting it to any company for any of the spelling mistakes.

Please ask someone else to read it. It can include your family, friends, neighbor, career teacher, or career counselor at your end.

Double-check everything in your cover letter. If you are writing the company’s name or your old company name and address, make sure that you have written it correctly.

Copy of resume in the cover letter

Try not to copy your whole resume into your cover letter. Try to re-write the information differently and shortly.

Keep your cover be short, simple, and let your resume tells your story.

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