Frames in Html is used to divide the browser into different sections where each section can load different Html documents. Collection of frame is known as Frameset.

Creating frames:We use frameset instead of body tag to divide web page into sections. Rows and Column attributes decide the Horizontal or Vertical Frames

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Frameset tag Attribute

  • Cols
  • Rows
  • Border
  • Frame Border
  • Frame Spacing


It is similar to the frame tag but it is used to display “Webpage within the Webpage



  • Set Height Width: <iframe src=”URL” height=”200″ width=”300″></iframe>
  • Set or Remove Border: <iframe src=”URL” style=”border:2px solid grey;”></iframe> //Set Border.
    <iframe src=”URL” style=”border:none;”></iframe> //Remove Border.
  • Target: <iframe src=”URL” name=”frame_name”></iframe>


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