HTML Tutorial

This HTML tutorial helps beginners and professionals to learn HTML easily. HTML is a widely used web technology for website development. It stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. It is mainly used to create web pages which are static in nature. HTML Tutorial Index Title Tutorial HTML Tutorial Tutorial HTMl Tags Tutorial HTML Basic Tags Tutorial HTML …

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As explained earlier, elements in Html is known as tags. Html consist of huge number of tags but it is divided into two categories. Empty tags: All the tags which is not closed or self-closed tags. E.g. <br>, <img>, <link> etc. Non Empty tags: All those tags which are closed. E.g. <body>, <p>, <title> etc. Types of …

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HTML Basic Tags

Heading Tags: This tag represents the document header. It is said to be a good practice if every document starts with Heading. Heading tags ranges from H1 to H6 i.e. six different levels where H1 is max size and H6 is the min size. Example:

Try Now Paragraph Tag: This<p> tag let your Html …

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HTML Attributes

HTML Attributes provide the additional information about HTML elements. Attributes are always specified in the start tag. Attributes usually comes in pairs. lang Attribute This attribute helps in declaring the language of the document. Lang Attribute in case of whole document is declared in the html tag.

href Attribute This attribute is embedded with …

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HTML Text Format

It is a process of formatting text for better look and feel of the text. There are many ways to format tags using different tags such as: <b> – Bold text: It defines Bold text without any importance. <strong> – Important text: It defines Strong text with added strong importance <i> – Italic text: This element shows Italic text. <em> – Emphasized …

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HTML Links

It consist of anchor element which is used to create a link between a source anchor and destination anchor. The anchor tag can be embedded between text, image, video or button. HTML Links Syntax:

Example: <a href=””>Tutorial for Html</a> Here, <a>: Anchor tag which add the link to any reference text, image etc. href (hypertext reference): It specify …

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HTML Images

HTML has <img> tag to display image on the web pages or web application. This tag is an empty tag i.e. we don’t have to close this tag while using. SYNTAX:


Try Now Output: Image tag Example HTML Images – TutorialAndExample Attributes of Image tag src: It is the most important attribute of …

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HTML Tables

This tag comes in handy when we have to represent the data in tabular format i.e. rows and columns. It is recommended to use <div>tag (division) over table to maintain the layout of the web page. Layout of the page consist of header, footer, navigation, body etc. Table Tags: TAGS DESCRIPTION <table> Defines the table. …

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HTML Frames

Frames in Html is used to divide the browser into different sections where each section can load different Html documents. Collection of frame is known as Frameset. Creating frames:We use frameset instead of body tag to divide web page into sections. Rows and Column attributes decide the Horizontal or Vertical Frames

Try Now Output: …

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HTML Lists

Html Lists are used to enlist the items in a particular order or list. Html List is of 3 types. Ordered Lists (ol) Un-Ordered Lists (ul) Description Lists (dl) Ordered List: It is also known as numbered list, here list items are marked with numbers.Type {1, A, a, i, I}

Try Now Output: Flash Arrow …

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