React Native Interview Questions

1) What is React Native? React Native is a JavaScript framework used for native mobile application development. It uses native component of React framework instead of using web component. 2) What is “props” and “state”? “Props” and “state” are used to manage data inside components. Props are immutable component which means props can be changed or update in …

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Xamarin Interview Questions

1) What is Xamarin? Xamarin is a .NET framework. It allows to create an application that run on multiple platforms. Xamarin Tutorial uses C# language and .NET framework to deliver native Android, iOS and Windows apps. 2) How many ways we create Xamarin applications? There are three ways in Xamarin to build great apps.

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iOS (iPhone, iPad) Interview Questions and Answer

1) What is iOS? iOS is a mobile operating system developed by Apple Inc. iOS offers iPhone and iPad application development using Objective C programming. 2) Why is the importance of using design pattern? Design pattern facilitate reusable solution of common problems. Design pattern provides template designs which help to write code that are easy …

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PhoneGap Interview Questions

1) What is PhoneGag? PhoneGap is open source framework which is used for develop mobile application. PhoneGap uses web technologies like CSS3, HTML5 and JavaScript instead of using any core mobile developing language (likes Java, C#, Objective C). 2) What are the features provided by PhoneGap? Robust Backend: PhoneGap has a robust backend system that tremendously …

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Meteor Interview Questions

1) What is Meteor or MeteorJS? Meteor is a JavaScript platform used for developing web and mobile applications. Applications develop using Meteor framework supports different platforms (like windows, android, ios). Meteor includes a key set of technologies such as Node.js and general JavaScript community. 2) What are the features of Meteor? Web and mobile: Meteor provide …

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Ionic Interview Question

1) What is Ionic framework? Ionic is open source HTML5 framework used for hybrid mobile application development. It provides tools and services for building Mobile UI with native looks and feel. 2) What are the features provided by Ionic? Following important features provided by Ionic are: It uses AngularJS MVC architecture for developing rich single page application. …

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Cordova Interview Questions

1) What is Cordova? Cordova is a mobile application development framework. Cordova allows building mobile application using HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. Cordova is used for making hybrid mobile apps. 2) What are the features of Cordova? Cordova provides several features some of them are as follows: Command line interface used for starting project, building processes for …

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Data structure & Algorithm Interview Questions

1) What is Data Structure? Data structure is a way of storing, collecting and organizing data into the main memory. It makes data access more efficient and increase performance. Array, List, Queue are some important data structures. 2) How many types of Data Structure. There are 2 types of Data Structure:

Primitive- It is a …

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