JSP Custom Tag

JSP custom tag provides flexibility to programmers, to declare their own tag. Thus, a user-defined tag can be created through custom tags to perform various operations. These custom tags behave as operations on tag handler when JSP page is translated into servlet. These operations are invoked by web container when servlet of JSP page is …

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JSTL Function Tags

In JSTL, the purpose of function tags is similar to the various string methods in Java. Hence, these tag performs common string manipulation operations. Functional tag is represented by following URL: –

Function Tags These are some frequently used function tags: – fn:length(): – This tag returns the length of the string i.e. number …

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In JSTL, XML tags are used for creating and manipulating xml documents. The following syntax represent the URL of XML tag: –

To utilize the functionality of XML tags, it is required to download and add two jar files within the lib directory of your project. Following are the required jar files: – XercesImpl.jar …

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In JSTL, SQL tags are used to access and manipulate various operations of database. It is responsible to interact the JSP page with any type of Database such as MySQL, Oracle, SQLite, etc. The below syntax is used to include SQL library within JSP: –

SQL Tags These are some important JSTL SQL tags: …

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JSTL Formatting Tags

In JSTL, the role of formatting tag is to specify the type of format that represents date and time. The following syntax represent the URL of formatting tag: –

Formatting tags These are some commonly used formatting tags: – <fmt:parseNumber>: –  This tag is used to parse the string on the basis of attribute …

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JSTL Core Tags

In JSTL, core tags are most frequently used tags that provides variable support, manages URL and control the flow of JSP page. To use JSTL it is required to associate the below URL in your JSP page: –

It is not mandatory to use ‘c’ in the prefix of JSTL core tag. You can …

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