JSTL Function Tags

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In JSTL, the purpose of function tags is similar to the various string methods in Java. Hence, these tag performs common string manipulation operations.

Functional tag is represented by following URL: –

Function Tags

These are some frequently used function tags: –

  • fn:length(): – This tag returns the length of the string i.e. number of characters present in the string.
  • fn:trim(): – This tag removes the spaces from both ends of the string.
  • fn:replace(): – This tag is used to replace one string with another.
  • fn:substring(): – This tag provides the substring (i.e. part of string) the string.
  • fn:join(): – This tag is used to concatenates separate strings of an array
  • fn:split(): – This tag breaks the string into array of substrings.
  • fn:contains(): – This tag checks whether the input string contains the specified substring.
  • fn:toUpperCase(): – This tag converts the lower case elements of a string into upper case.
  • fn:toLowerCase(): – This tag converts the upper case elements of a string into lower case.

Example of JSTL Function Tag

This is an example of JSTL Function tag that shows various JSTL function tags functionality.



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