numpy.linspace() in Python

The linspace() function of Python numpy class returns the number spaces equally over the given interval i.e.  [start, stop].



start: It is an optional parameter which represents the start of the interval range. By default, the start value is 0

stop :This parameter represents the end of the interval range.

restep :This parameter represents a Boolean value, and by default, it is False.If passed True, it returns the samples, step.

endpoint : It represents a Boolean value. It the value passed is True, stop is the last sample. Otherwise, it is not included.

axis: The axis in the result to store the samples.

num: It represents the no. of samples to generate.

dtype: This parameter depicts the type of output array


This function returns:·        ndarray:  where the num is equally spaced between the samples in the closed interval [start, stop].·        ‘step’:  The size between the sample(in float) and it is only returned if retstep is True

Example 1


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