jQuery Add

Using the jQuery, it is easy to add new content. Here are four jQuery methods to add new content:

jQuery append() Method The jQuery append() method is used to insert the content at the end of the selected HTML …

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jQuery Remove

Using the jQuery, it is easy to remove the existing HTML content. There are two jQuery methods to remove the content:

jQuery remove() Method The jQuery remove() method is used to remove the selected element(s) and its child elements. …

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jQuery CSS Classes

Using the jQuery CSS classes, it is easy to manipulate the CSS of elements. jQuery has several methods for CSS manipulation. These are as follows:

jQuery addClass() Method jQuery addClass() method is used to add class attributes to different …

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jQuery CSS() Method

Using the jQuery css() method, you can set or return the one or more style properties for the selected elements. Here are the two ways to provide jQuery css() method:

Set a CSS property Using the set property of …

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Introduction to AJAX

AJAX stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. In AJAX, the data is loaded in the background and displayed on the webpage. In this process, you don’t need to reload the whole page. JavaScript have the features to send the asynchronous …

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jQuery load() Method

jQuery load() method is a powerful AJAX method used for loading data asynchronously. The load() method loads HTML or text content from a server and added into a DOM element. Syntax:

Here is “demo_test.txt” file content:


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Javascript Tutorial

This JavaScript tutorial helps beginners and professionals to learn JavaScript easily. What is JavaScript JavaScript is a dynamic computer programming language. It is object-based scripting language i.e. lightweight and cross-platform. We can make our web page more lively and interactive, with the …

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Javascript Example

Try Now JavaScript can be implemented using JavaScript statements that are placed within the <script>…</script>.

Try Now JavaScript code can be written in 3 places in JavaScript Between the <body>……</body> tag of HTML. Between the <head>……</head> tag of …

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Javascript comment

JavaScript comments are used to explain JavaScript code. It is used to add information about the code, warnings or suggestions so that end users easily understand the code. Types of JavaScript comments Two types of JavaScript comments: Single-line Comment Multi-line …

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Javascript Variable

Variables are used to store values (name=”Ram”) or expressions (Sum=x+y). Before using of variable first we need to declare it. We use keyword var to declare a variable like this:

There are two types of variables: Local Variable Global Variable Local Variable– It is declared …

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Javascript Data Types

It provides different data types to hold different types of values. There are two types of data types in Javascript. Primitive data types. Non-primitive data types. As we know that JavaScript is a dynamic type language, which means we don’t need …

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Javascript Operators

In JavaScript operators are symbol that are used to perform operations on operands. In simple words 3+2 is equal to 5. Here 3 and 2 are called operands and + is called the operator. Following are the operators used in JavaScript: Arithmetic Operators. Comparison …

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Javascript If Else

JavaScript use a conditional statement which is used to perform different tasks according to the conditions. There are three forms of statements use in JavaScript. if Statement. if else Statement. if else if Statement. if statement The if statement is used in …

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Javascript Switch Statement

The switch statement is used in JavaScript to execute one code in multiple conditions. It is same as else if statement but it is more convenient then repeated if..else..if statement. Syntax

NOTE: Break statement plays a dominant role in switch-case statements. …

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JavaScript Function

An important part of JavaScript is the ability to create new functions within <script>…..</script> tag. To declare a function in JavaScript using function keyword. We call JavaScript function multiple times to reuse the code. Advantages of JavaScript functions Code reusability: We call function …

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Javascript Object

An object is an entity having state and behavior. JavaScript is an object oriented scripting language. JavaScript is template based not class based but we can create object directly. Syntax to add property to add object

We use the write() method …

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Javascript array

Array are used to represent the group of elements into a single unit or consecutive memory location. Each and every element which is entering into the array is going to be stored in the array with the unique index starting …

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Javascript String

String object works with series of characters. It is used to store and manipulate text. There are two ways to create string in JavaScript: String literal. Using new keyword. String literal By using double quotes string literal is created. Syntax …

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Javascript Date

JavaScript Date In JavaScript Date Object is data type build into the JavaScript language. Data object are created with the new Date(). JavaScript Date instance that represents a single moment in time. JavaScript date object can only be instantiated by calling …

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