Needs of Operating System

Needs of the Operating System There are various needs of the operating system: Managing Input-Output Unit The Operating system as a platform for application programs Multitasking Consistent user interface Managing Input-Output Unit: – With the help of the operating system, the computer can handle its resources like keyboard, monitor, printer, memory, etc. The resource management … Read more Needs of Operating System

Android Operating System

What is Android Operating System Android is a Linux-based and open-source operating system mainly established for mobile devices like tablet computers and Smartphones. The Android operating system was established by the Open Handset Alliance, led by Google and other companies. Android provides you an integrated approach to the development of the applications for the mobile … Read more Android Operating System

Transmission Control Protocol

Transmission Control Protocol TCP stands for Transmission Control Protocol. It was introduced in 1974. It is a connection-oriented and reliable protocol. It establishes a connection between the source and destination device before starting the communication. It detects whether the destination device has received the data sent from the source device or not. If the received … Read more Transmission Control Protocol

OSI Model

OSI stands for Open Systems Interconnection. The ISO (International Standards Organization) was introduced the OSI model in 1983. The OSI model is a standard reference model for communication between two users in a network. Each layer of this model does not depend on the other layer, but the data is transmitted from one layer to … Read more OSI Model

Integrated Services Digital Network-ISDN

Integrated Services Digital Network ISDN means Integrated Services Digital Network. ISDN was developed by ITU-T in the 1980s. These are digital telephony and data transport services offered by regional telephone operators. ISDN includes the physical, data link, and network layers of the OSI model. The main objective of ISDN is to provide fully integrated digital … Read more Integrated Services Digital Network-ISDN

Transmission Mode

Transmission Mode (Data Flow) Transmission mode refers to the transfer of data from one device to another device through a network. The transmission mode determines the direction of the data. As we know, the data is converted to bits formats and transmitted in bits. These bits are transmitted through different transmission modes. These are the … Read more Transmission Mode

Computer Network Architecture

Computer network architecture is a design in which all the computers are organized in a computer network. The architecture defines how computers must communicate with each other to obtain maximum benefits from a computer network, such as better response time, security, scalability, transfer data rate, connectivity, etc. There are two most popular computer network architectures … Read more Computer Network Architecture

Network Topology

Network Topology The network topology refers to the layout of connected devices on a network. The network topology is the combination by which computer or network devices interconnected to another device. Significant types of network topology. BUS Topology Star Topology Ring Topology Mesh Topology Tree Topology Hybrid Topology BUS Topology In a Bus topology, all … Read more Network Topology

Computer Network Tutorial

What is a Computer network? A Computer Network is a group of computers or computer devices inter-connected together through some communication links to share network resources or data, such as files, data, software, printers, network services, etc. The best example of Computer networks is the Internet. These communication connections are established by wires or wireless, … Read more Computer Network Tutorial

Data Communication and Computer Network

What is Data Communication and Computer Network? Data Communication is the process of exchanging digital data between two or more computers that act as source and receiver through wireless media or transmission media such as a wire cable. This Data communication process goes through a telecommunication network known as Computer Network that allows computers to exchange data. Classification of Computer … Read more Data Communication and Computer Network