jQuery Mouse Events

When the users move the mouse pointer or click some element then the mouse event fires. To handle the mouse events here are some jQuery methods: 1) The click() Method An event handler function is attached to an HTML element …

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jQuery Keyboard Events

When the user press or release a key on the keyboard then the keyboard event fires. Here are some jQuery methods to handle the keyboard events. 1) The keypress() Method: When a keyboard button is pressed down then the jQuery …

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jQuery Form Events

When a form control receives or loses focus or when form control value is modified by the user such as by typing text in a text input, select any option in a select box etc. then the form event fires. …

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jQuery hide/show Effect

jQuery provides a interface for doing various kind of amazing effects like Slide, Fade, Hide, Show, Toggle Effects and Animate. jQuery hide() and show() Using the jQuery show() and hide() methods, you can show and hide the HTML elements. Syntax: …

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jQuery Fading Effect

jQuery Fade Using jQuery, you can fade elemnts in and out of visibility. You can change the opacity level of elements from invisible state to visible state or visible state to invisible state. Here are some fade methods: fadeIn() fadeOut() …

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jQuery Sliding Effect

jQuery slide is used to slides the element out of the viewport. Here are some slide methods: slideDown() slideUp() slideToggle() jQuery slideDown() slideDown() method of jQuery is used to slide down an element. Syntax: $(selector).slideDown(speed, callback); speed: Speed is an optional parameter. …

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jQuery Animation Effect

The jQuery animate() method is a way to create custom animations. The jQuery animate() method is used to animate numeric properties of CSS. Syntax:

speed: Speed is an optional parameter. It is used to specify delay. Its value can be …

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jQuery Stop Effect

The jQuery stop() method is used to stop the jQuery animation or effect before it is finished. The jQuery stop() method works for all jQuery effects like: custom animations, fading and sliding. Syntax:

stopAll: The optional stopAll Boolean parameter is …

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jQuery Add

Using the jQuery, it is easy to add new content. Here are four jQuery methods to add new content:

jQuery append() Method The jQuery append() method is used to insert the content at the end of the selected HTML …

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jQuery Remove

Using the jQuery, it is easy to remove the existing HTML content. There are two jQuery methods to remove the content:

jQuery remove() Method The jQuery remove() method is used to remove the selected element(s) and its child elements. …

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jQuery CSS Classes

Using the jQuery CSS classes, it is easy to manipulate the CSS of elements. jQuery has several methods for CSS manipulation. These are as follows:

jQuery addClass() Method jQuery addClass() method is used to add class attributes to different …

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jQuery CSS() Method

Using the jQuery css() method, you can set or return the one or more style properties for the selected elements. Here are the two ways to provide jQuery css() method:

Set a CSS property Using the set property of …

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Introduction to AJAX

AJAX stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. In AJAX, the data is loaded in the background and displayed on the webpage. In this process, you don’t need to reload the whole page. JavaScript have the features to send the asynchronous …

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jQuery load() Method

jQuery load() method is a powerful AJAX method used for loading data asynchronously. The load() method loads HTML or text content from a server and added into a DOM element. Syntax:

Here is “demo_test.txt” file content:


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Javascript Tutorial

This JavaScript tutorial helps beginners and professionals to learn JavaScript easily. JavaScript Example with Online Editor We have given online editor option with each JavaScript example. So, you can edit any example and see the changed output.


Prerequisite To …

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What is Javascript

JavaScript is a dynamic computer programming language. It is object-based scripting language i.e. lightweight and cross-platform. We can make our web page more lively and interactive, with the help of JavaScript. It was created by Brendan Eich at Netscape in 1995. ←Prev …

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