PDF Activities

The PDF activity package is related to those activities that are designed to extract the data from the PDF and XPS files and then store these files into the string variables. This data can also be extracted by the whole document or via the range of pages specified under the range property, which is found in every activity.

The data extraction can be achieved with the help of OCR based activities, In case of scanned documents. There are three types of OCR engines that exist in UiPath Studio are given below:

  • Google OCR Engine
  • Microsoft OCR Engine
  • Abbyy OCR Engine

The user can simply drop the engine in the body of the activity after the selection of one OCR engine among the three given above.  There are several kinds of UIAutomation Activities in UiPath Studio that are given below:

Web browsing

The web browsing is the process to automate the action of browsing any webpage. It performs several activities, such as opening the browser and highlighting the activity. We can find these types of activities in the UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities Package of UiPath Studio.

Automate the web page navigation

The user can extract the organized data or information and get the attribute activities by automating the navigation on any web sheet.

Override and create the files

The user can create a new notepad file, edit it and save that file with the help of override and create file option in UiPath Studio. It performs various activities such as sending Hotkey, click, Type Into, and Element exists.

Extract and manipulate the information from the Html Pages

The user can extract the data or information from several web pages, which are designed in html. This procedure can be processed in a few minutes by creating just a simple step of web extraction patterns. Once the user indicates or selects the data or information which he wants to extract, then the UiPath will scrap all product names and prices and save that information as the output in the .csv file.

Window manipulation in UiPath

Window manipulation is used to manipulate the open window from the user’s computer. The window manipulation performs various activities like getting active window, and maximize the window.

Automated list selection

Automated list selection is used to automate the selection of several items from the list displayed on any web page. This automatic list selection performs various activities, such as selecting multiple items and Element Scope.

Operate and discover the window components in UiPath

We automate the action or events of altering the font size in the notepad file. These components have several activities, such as Find Component, Find Relative Component, Click Activate, and Set Focus.  

Management of text automation

The management of text automation allows the user to automate the image and text-based automation. The feature activities of UiPath Studio are copying the input of keyboard and mouse like clicking, hovering or typing text recognition, and OCR activities, which use screen-scraping to categorize the UI elements. Image recognition activities work directly with images to classify the UI components.

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