Top 20 PhoneGap Interview Questions and Answers

1) What is PhoneGag?

PhoneGap is open source framework which is used for develop mobile application. PhoneGap uses web technologies like CSS3, HTML5 and JavaScript instead of using any core mobile developing language (likes Java, C#, Objective C).

2) What are the features provided by PhoneGap?

  • Robust Backend: PhoneGap has a robust backend system that tremendously speeds up the development process and reduces developer’s efforts.
  • Open Source Nature: PhoneGap framework is open source license of Adode System.
  • Flexibility: It provides great flexibility to the developers as they can develop cross platform apps without any serious efforts. Developers familiar with basic knowledge of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript can get started with PhoneGap.

3) What are the advantages of PhoneGap?

Following are advantages of PhoneGap application:

  • Faster application development.
  • One codebase can be maintained for multiple platforms.
  • Based on open standards.
  • Reuse existing web developer skills.

4) What are the limitations of PhoneGap?

Following are the limitations of PhoneGap application:

  • Background processing: Application does not support multi threading as PhoneGap API are built using JavaScript and hence does not support back ground processing.
  • Data processing: Data processing is slower then JavaScript native language.
  • Advance graphics: Applications which uses advanced graphics can be accessed explicitly by third party libraries, which can be best done in native.
  • Access advance native functionality: Large numbers of native API’s are not supported by Pho9neGap’s API.

5) Why mobile developers consider PhoneGap?

Mobile developers consider PhoneGap for mobile app development as it supports cross platforms mobile devices (like android, iOS, windows etc). PhoneGap mobile development does not require knowledge of any core mobile development language (like Java, Objective C, C#). It uses only CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.

6) What are the different platforms that support PhoneGap?

Following are the platform that supports PhoneGap:

  • Android
  • Iphone/iphone 3G and Higher
  • Web OS
  • Blackberry os 5.x and Newer
  • Windows phone 7
  • Bada
  • Symbian
  • Tizen

7) Name the events of PhoneGgap.

PhoneGap has the following events:

  • deviceready
  • pause
  • resume
  • online
  • offline
  • backbutton
  • batterycritical
  • batterylow
  • batterystatus
  • menubutton
  • searchbutton
  • startcallbutton
  • endcallbutton
  • volumedownbutton
  • volumeupbutton

8) Name some of the PhoneGap API.

Some of the PhoneGap API age:

  • Camera
  • Geo-location
  • Compass
  • Accelerometer
  • Contacts
  • Capture
  • Device
  • Connection and so on.

9) How can PhoneGap is upgraded?

To upgrade PhoneGap in Windows we use the following command in command prompt:

For Mac and Linux:

10) How do you architect PhoneGap application?

The initial HTML assets are placed locally, and PhoneGap loads it which can request resources from local environment or from a server. PhoneGap also supports the single page web experienced model.

11) What is media.getDuration() and media.seekTo() function in PhoneGap media API?

media.getDuration() function is used to get the duration of audio file in seconds. It returns the value -1, if the duration is unknown.

medeia.seekTo() function in updates the current position of underlyingaudio files of a media object.

12) What are the storage options that PhoneGap can access?

PhoneGap access the following storage options:

  • Is-store.js (LocalStore).
  • Memory-store.js (MemoryStore).
  • Websql-store.js (WebSqlStore).

13) What are the plugin consist in PhoneGap?

PhoneGap plugin consist of two different files:

  • Implementation files which are written in the native language to coordinate with native phone features.
  • JavaScript file which defines the function for accessing the native hooks.

14) What is the difference between PhoneGap framework and PhoneGap Build?

PhoneGap framework is used for mobile application development, by using CSS, HTML, and JavaScript and deploys it to broad range of mobile devices.

PhoneGap Build is a cloud-based service built on top of the PhoneGap framework.

15) What is the difference between PhoneGap and Cordova?

PhoneGap was previously developed by Adobe. Futher PhoneGap codebase has handed over to Apache to keep it open-source and follow standards. At Apache its name changes as Cordova. And currently it is known as Apache Cordova.

PhoneGap is a distribution of Apache Cordova. So Apache Cordova serves as the engine to power PhoneGap just like WebKit – an engine that powers Chrome and Safari (iOS browser).

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