PHP substr_compare() Function

PHP substr_compare() Function

The substr_compare() function in PHP compares two strings from a specified start position. It is a binary-safe and optionally case-sensitive function.



main_str(required)– This parameter specifies the first string to compare.

str(required)– This parameter specifies the second string to compare 

offset(required)- This parameter represents the start position for the comparison. If this parameter is negative, it starts counting from the end of the string.

length(optional)– It signifies the length of the comparison.

case_insensitivity(optional)– This parameter signifies the boolean value that specifies whether to perform a case-sensitive comparison or not. If it set to true, the comparison is case insensitive else for False(default) the comparison is case-sensitive.


This function returns the following values:

  • 0 – if both the strings are equal
  • <0 – if main_str (from offset) is less than str
  • >0 – if main_str (from offset) is greater than str

If length is equal or greater than the length of main_str, this function returns FALSE.

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