Power on a Cisco device

When you power on a new purchased Cisco device for the first time, it performs a power-on-self-test (POST) operation to identify the hardware components and to verify that all the commands work correctly.

When you click on the router or switch and then click on CLI, you see the message given below:

  Would you like to enter the initial configuration dialog? [yes/ no]:
IOS Command Line Interface

If you type y, the device will enter in the setup mode.

This mode presents a dialog that will help you to configure some basic parameters, such as the device hostname, passwords, and interface IP address, etc.

IOS Command Line Interface 2

The setup mode is useful when you don’t know about the IOS CLI. But once you know about the CLI, you probably not use this mode.

To exit set up mode press CTRL+C

Always try to give the answer in “n” for no to enter in User Exec Mode.

IOS Command Line Interface

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