Salesforce History

Salesforce was established in 1999 by Oracle executive Marc Benioff, Parker Harris, Dave Moellenhoff, and Frank Dominguez.

The company is specializing in Software as a Service (SaaS).

Harris and his team wrote the original sales automation software that was launched for its first users during Sept-Nov 1999.

Salesforce was armed with a great product and a team. It was time for the product launch.

Salesforce was launched at the Regency theater, and it had a surprise for all guests attending.

No Software 2000: Salesforce has supplied a great product. It was time for the product launch.

Salesforce launched at the Regency theater, and it was a launch event with some controversial negative brand advertising, which has become compatible with Salesforce “No Software.” 

In 2005, Salesforce developed a service that evolves the business software, BusinessWeek called “eBay for Business Software”, and the Forbes described it as the “iTunes of Business Software”, Salesforce called this as the service AppExchange.

The AppExchange worked because the communities work best with the dynamic market. Salesforce viewed this as the best opportunity for a companys vision, and it expands capabilities and services.

Apex was Salesforces On-Demand Programming Language that allows third parties for the first time, to write and run code on Salesforce.coms multi-level, shared architecture.

Salesforce grant partners, developers, and customers with the same language and platform that allowed to build its industry-leading on-demand service.

Parker Harris developed a technology that is called Visualforce, and it allows users to create any user interface.

They could build forms, buttons, and links, embed anything like this.

The logical extension of the Salesforce, Software-as-as-Service (SaaS) platform, Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS). was released in 2008. It opened up the possibilities for customers to build their custom applications on the platform.

In July 2012, Salesforce was applied to trademark the term “Social Enterprise”.

The European Union, and Jamaica both terms were commonly used and describe businesses with a mainly social function.

This was successfully challenged by an operation called #notinourname which was launched by Social Enterprise UK.

It was resulting in that withdrawing its trademark application and agreeing not to use the term in their future marketing.

Radian6 is a social listening tool that was acquired for $326M, Buddy Media and it specializes in publishing and analysis social media content for $745M and ExactTarget, and it contained a different type of media marketing tools price of $2.5B.

Before 2013, Salesforce had a mobile application called Salesforce Mobile, it gave us an access to a selected amount of our information from our phone.

The growing mobile age wasnt enough, and people need a better way by which the user can interact with all their data, apps, and customers.

In 2013, Salesforce rolled out from the Salesforce1 Platform to open up the access of information that we can access on a computer.

Custom applications, integrations, and AppExchange can be downloaded from the App Store.

Salesforce1 would later come into the book and the feel of the entire Salesforce platform, which is known as the Salesforce Lightning.

In October 2014, Salesforce declared the evolution of the Customer Success Platform that ties with Salesforce`s services.

It includes sales, service, marketing, analytics, community, and mobile apps.

In October 2017, Salesforce started a Facebook Analytics tool for business-to-business marketers.

In September 2018, Salesforce collaborates with Apple concreted on improving apps for businesses.

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