CSS Selector: Inner text in Selenium IDE

CSS Selector: Inner text The inner text is used to identify and create a CSS Selector using a string pattern of the HTML tag which is displayed on the web page. Syntax of inner text:

       [:]:- It is …

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CSS Selector: ID/Class and Attribute in Selenium IDE

CSS SELECTOR: ID/Class and Attribute The Id, class, and attribute of CSS selector are used to identify the web element to access the web pages.  Syntax for Id/Class and Attribute:

[#]: It is used to present an ID attribute. …

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CSS Selector: ID in Selenium IDE

CSS Selector: ID The id attribute is used to identify the web element uniquely in the web pages. Syntax of ID Attribute: 

The hash sign (#): it is mandatory while using the ID attribute to create a CSS Selector. Always remember that the …

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Xpath locator in Selenium IDE

X PATH LOCATOR: Xpath is used to identify the element using any attribute or visible test. Syntax for X PATH:-

e.g. – //div [@class=’label’]                    OR

e.g.-//div [text () =’Tasks’] For example, we are locating Gmail‘s email textbox …

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Selenium-IDE Locators

Selenium-IDE Locators: Before we start learning about Selenium –IDE Locators, firstly we have to learn about UI elements. UI Elements -UI elements are the elements which are displayed on the web application. Some of the UI elements are as follows –Checkboxes, …

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Selenium IDE Commands

Selenium –IDE Commands (SELENESE): Selenese commands are the set of commands used in Selenium IDE. Selenese command has two parameters target and value. Selenese command tests the existence of UI elements based on their HTML tags, test for broken links, input fields, submitting forms, …

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Selenium-IDE Login test

Login test for Selenium-IDE Now we are learning, how to create a Login/sign-up Test case in Selenium IDE. For our testing purpose, we are going to test the login page provided by the JDOODLE website, present under the URL: https://www.jdoodle.com  Note: …

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Selenium IDE Tutorial for Beginners

Selenium IDE Introduction Selenium IDE stands for Integrated Development Environment. Selenium-IDE is released in 2006 and developed by SHINYA [JAPAN] THOUGHTWORK Company. Selenium IDE implemented as a Firefox plug-in, and concedes the record, edit, and debug tests. Selenium IDE includes the entire Selenium Core, allowing …

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