How to Create Tableau Crosstab Chart?

A crosstab chart also knows as Text table. It is a type of chart which shows the data in a textual form. One or more dimensions with one or more measures are needed to create a tableau crosstab. This chart is used to show various calculations based on the values of the measure field such as running total, percentage, etc.

Simple Crosstab

To create a simple Crosstab Chart, the following are the steps:

  • Open the Tableau Desktop and connect to your data source.
  • Drag the dimension filed order date to the columns shelf.

Tableau Crosstab Chart

  • Drag another dimension ‘categories’ and drop it to the rows shelf.

Tableau Crosstab Chart

  • Pull your measure (here we have taken Sales) to the labels Shelf under Marks cards. The resulting screenshot appears which shows the Crosstab chart.

Tableau Crosstab Chart

Crosstab – Color Encoded

One can get the chart color encoded in the crosstab by dropping the measure field ‘sales’ into the Color shelf as depicted in the resulting screenshot. This color presentation shows the strength of the color which depends on the value of the measure. You will also notice the bigger the values are, the darker is the shade and the smaller the values, the lighter is the shade.




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