Tableau Products Explained

In this tutorial, you will have a look at an overview of the products offered by the tableau:

Tableau Desktop

So we have a tableau desktop, which is where you do all your development. It is a platform where you can connect and build visualizations and dashboards. Tableau uses powerful drag and drops analytics in Tableau Desktop.

Tableau Public

It is a free version of Tableau Desktop, which uses tableau’s powerful features and publishes interactive visualizations, but with some limitations such as having no our integration and it can only support up to a million rows and columns of data also any data release here is made public, so you can’t use this for private company information.

Tableau Prep

In Tableau Prep, you can prepare your data by seeing it visually before you connect and build reports. You can prepare your data for analysis with Tableau Prep.

Tableau Online

Tableau Online is an analytics platform which is fully hosted in the cloud. It is a cloud-hosted version of tableau server, a place where you can publish your dashboards, and it enables you to share your panels securely.

Tableau Server

Tableau Server has an option to be on premises. It safely distributes interactive data on any website or web.

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