UiPath advantage and disadvantage

UiPath Advantage and Disadvantage

Advantage of UiPath tool

Following are some pros of UiPath, which are given below:

1. Accessibility

The extensible platform of UiPath provides hundreds of built-in, customizable, shareable activities and deep integrations with the help of various technologies that are already in use. The UiPath has mobile and browser accessibility.

2. Rapid

The ecosystem of the UiPath tool is optimized for faster development and designed in such a way to deliver the Quick return on investments.

3. Artificial Intelligence

The Artificial Intelligence robotic manager reduces the automation costs and meets the service level with the help of synchronized queue work and robot deployments with scheduled workflows and events.

4. Scalability

The RPA (Robotic Process Automation) at the enterprise level is expected to deploy and manage various variety and number of processes from front-end-office to back-end-office with regardless of complexity.

The user can train tens, hundreds, or thousands of Robots at the same time by using the UiPath tool. This tool also has absolute consistency in job performance.

5. Quality of the Agile process

The Agile process is the technique that supports continuous iteration of development and tests the developing module throughout the whole software development life cycle of the project.

The UiPath tool consists of an agile technique, which is very useful according to both client and organization.

6. Flexibility

Flexibility is the key advantage of the UiPath tool to build an effective digital workforce. The UiPath tool provides flexibility to both the user and the organizations.

Disadvantage of UiPath

There is some disadvantage of UiPath tool which are given below:

  • The UiPath tool of Robotic Process Automation improves the efficiency of organizations by reducing the repetitive human efforts, but there are some limitations of automated work. When automation is applied, then, it requires judgment related to work.
  • The RPA tool UiPath is not a cognitive computing solution.
  • This tool cannot read any data which is non-electronic with unstructured input.
  • When an enterprise uses the UiPath tool to automate the task, then the enterprise needs to be aware of several inputs that are coming by multiple sources.
  • The local hosting of the UiPath Orchestrator server is not available in the community edition of UiPath.
  • The main disadvantage in the UiPath tool is its auto-start feature of UIRobot.exe.
  • The Number of Robots is limited in the Orchestrator community edition.
  • The UiPath tool asks the user to activate the libraries from the nugget package manager, which gets deleted every time.

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