There are several types of conditional statements in UiPath Studio, like any other language. These Conditional statements are if and switch, which means that we have if (conditional statement); syntax.

According to this syntax, if the condition is true, then some execution happens. If the condition is false, then the else statement executes as per the example which is given below:


If (conditional statement)


…………. (Activity)


else {

…………. (Activity)


The activity is based on the conditions that we will execute. IF activity is similar to decision flow and is used in Flow charts. It is a straightforward and simple type of decision that is related to real-life situations.

The user can search IF activity with the help of the activity panel and add this activity by drag and drop process in the UiPath Workflow. This activity separates the sequence vertically, and it is the best way to sort the linear divisions.

Switch Activity

The Switch activity depends on the value of identified terminologies that allows the user to select one option among the various given varieties. It is used with the If operator to create and squashed If cascade with several situations and activities per branch.

The Switch activity is beneficial to classify the data as per the traditional number of cases. For example, Switch Activity is used to store the data into several excel sheets.

We can search the switch activity by using activity panel and drag and drop this activity to workflow design. By default, it uses the integer comment, but it can be changed into the Boolean, Object, and String with the help of properties panel under the TypeArgument list.

UiPath Flow Decision

The Flow decision activity is the chunk of the Flow chart and corresponds to the If activity. It is used when there is a dependency on the exact condition. This activity allows the user to execute one out of the two branches of sequences depends on whether the specified condition is met or not.

There are only two conditions, but their name can be changed, one condition is for the true output and other for the false output. The Syntax of Flow Decision in UiPath is given below:


When the user has more than one solution after any action, then the condition is one of the most useful activities at that time. The Flow Decision is used in the activity panel to achieve the condition.

Control Flow in UiPath

The Control Flow is related to the order of a particular action or event while automating any task in UiPath. It is created with the help of activities that are used in the workflow by the drag and drop process.

The Control of the project is an essential phase to successfully implement it with the UiPath Studio. The proper control flow is succeeded by the smart use of variables and activities. There are several activities found in the activity panel under workflow control. These activities are given below:

  • Assign activity
  • Break activity
  • Cancellation Scope activity
  • Continue activity
  • Delay activity
  • Do While activity
  • Each activity
  • If activity
  • Parallel activity
  • Parallel For Each activity
  • Switch activity
  • While activity

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