UiPath Installation and Set-Up

Pre-requisites to installing the UiPath Studio

Following are some pre-requisites of UiPath Studio which are needed before installation:

  • The user requires windows operating systems such as windows7, windows8, windows9, and windows10.
  • It cannot be installed on MAC operating system.
  • If anyone is going to use the UiPath tool, he must have the knowledge of Spreadsheets and MS-Word.
  • The user of UiPath must also be aware of internet and software applications.
  • It would be favorable to the user if he has a basic knowledge of Robotic Process Automation while installing or learning the UiPath tool.


Step 1. Search the following URL in the browser:

https://www.uipath.com/community and install the community edition of the UiPath tool. 

Step 2. Click on the Try it link of the community Cloud for installing the free community version of UiPath, as you can see in the following Screenshot.  

UiPath Installation

Step 3.

Now, you have to log in, either by using a Gmail account or linked in, or Microsoft accounts for installing the UiPath. We are logging with the Gmail account. 

UiPath Installation

Step 4.

After signing up with the google account, the user needs to fill some credentials such as First Name, Last Name, Organization Name, etc. and click on the continue button.

UiPath Installation

UiPath Studio Set Up

Now, the user needs to download the UiPath Studio at the machine or personal computer from the help of the next steps.

Step 5.

After login, the user gets the dashboard of the UiPath account, as you can see in the Screenshot.

UiPath Studio Set Up

Step 6.

To Install UiPath Studio click on the Resource center option on the dashboard then click on the link download (Preview) of Community edition as per the Screenshot.

Download UiPath Studio Set Up

Step 7.

After the download of UiPath Studio, the user needs to choose a profile according to the requirements.

download of UiPath Studio

Step 8. After choosing the profile, we need to choose the update channel, as you can see in the Screenshot.

download of UiPath Studio

Step 9.

The UiPath Studio will start downloading, as shown in the following Screenshot.

UiPath Studio

Step 10.

The UiPath Studio is successfully installed.

UiPath Studio is successfully installed

Initializing UiPath Studio

After the installation of UiPath Studio, the user can see the first page, which is known as the start option in UiPath Studio.

We can create various projects after selecting the process option, which means start with the blank project to design the new automation process.

Initializing UiPath Studio

Types of Projects in UiPath

There are four ways to create a project in UiPath tool which are given below:

1. Blank Project

The blank project is like a blank paper. The user can build a project with the help of scratch. We can define everything by using the scratch in the blank project.

Types of Projects in UiPath

2. Simple Process Project

The simple process project provides a template of a flow chart, which consists of a diagram with sequence and activities, as you can see in the following Screenshot.

Types of Projects in UiPath

3. Agent Process Improvement Project

The agent process improvement project is used to automate the tasks. It is mainly used to evaluate the activity of users, working on the current system.

Agent Process Improvement Project

4. Robotic Enterprise framework Project

Robotic enterprise framework projects are used to create the transactional business process, which follows the best practice for the large deployments.

Robotic Enterprise framework Project

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