Excel VBA Split Function: The Split function in VBA is used to split a string into several substrings and return a one-dimensional array of substrings.



Expression (required) – This parameter represents a text string that you want to split.

Delimiter (optional) – This parameter specifies where the supplied Expression should be split. By default, it set to space “ “.

Limit (optional) – This parameter specifies the maximum number of substrings to be returned. By default, this parameter is set to -1.

Compare (optional) – This parameter represents the type of comparison that should be used for the substrings. The default value is set to vbBinaryCompare.

 It can have the following values:

vbBinaryCompare – It performs a binary comparison

vbTextCompare – It performs a text comparison

vbDatabaseCompare – It performs a database comparison


This function returns a one-dimensional array of substrings after splitting a string into a number of substrings.

Example 1


VBA Split Function

Example 2


House No:823
 Rajori Garden
VBA Split Function

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