This tutorial will briefly learn about the various full forms of PCS including their definition, history, functions, overviews, vision and other detailed information.

(i) PCS: Provincial Civil Service

The full form of the administrative service abbreviation PCS is Provincial Civil Service.

What is PCS?

What is PCS?

PCS or Provincial Civil Service is the administrative state-level civil service that falls under Group A and Group B of the Government of Uttar Pradesh’s executive branch.”

PCS is also one of three feeder services for the Indian Administrative Service in the UP state. State Civil Services examinations are administered by UPPSC (Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission) and are responsible for appointing PCS officials. The PCS officials operate under various sub-divisional, district, divisional, and state levels, from managing revenue performance and preserving law and order.

Almost 50% of the service recruitment is hired based on a yearly competitive exam directed by Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission, and the enrolled officers are known as direct PCS officers. They are directly selected for the designation of Deputy Collector rank. The remaining cadre of officers is appointed after getting promoted from UPLPCS (Uttar Pradesh Lower Provincial Civil Service, also known as the Tehsildar cadre). The enrolled officers are called promotees PCS officers. Regardless of their mode of entry, the PCS officers are recruited by the Governor of Uttar Pradesh.

The overviews of PCS are as follows:

Another NameUttar Pradesh Civil Service (Executive Branch)
Founded at1958
Founder StateUttar Pradesh, India
Staff CollegeU.P. Academy of Administration and Management located at Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India
DutiesState Policy FormulationState Policy ImplementationState Public AdministrationState Bureaucratic GovernanceState Secretarial Assistance
PCS Officers StrengthIn total 1112 officials (out of which 742 officials are directly recruited by UPSC and 370 officials are promoted from Tehsildars)
SelectionState Civil Services Examination
Cadre Controlling AuthorityDepartment of Appointment and Personnel, Government of Uttar Pradesh
AssociationUttar Pradesh PCS Association

Responsibilities of PCS officer

The functions and responsibilities of PCS officers are as follows:

  1. PCS officers are responsible for the collection of land revenue.
  2. They act as courts and look in the subjects of revenue and crime in the state.
  3. They are in charge of maintaining law and order in the state.
  4. PCS officers execute Union and State Government plans and policies from scratch when posted at field officers.
  5. They act as the government’s intermediate agents on the field and fulfill the communication gap between the public and the government.
  6. PCS officers are responsible for handling the government’s admin and day-to-day events, including creating and implementing policy, consulting them with the concerned ministers and secretary of the concerned department.

Salary Structure

The following table describes the Pay Grades of Provincial Civil Service Levels as per the 7th Central Pay Commission:

Level of CadreBasic PayYears of ServicePost
Pay level 14 or Special Secretary Grade144200 INR to 218200 INR28 years of serviceSpecial secretary in State SecretariatAdditional divisional commissionerChief development officerMunicipal commissioner Vice chairmanDirector
Pay Level 13A or Additional Secretary Grade131100 INR to 216800 INR26 years of serviceAdditional secretary in State SecretariatSecretary to CommissionerAdditional Municipal commissioner Vice chairman of a development authorityAdditional Director Chief development authority
Pay Level 13 or Joint Secretary grade118500 INR to 214100 INR23 years of serviceJoint secretary in State SecretariatAdditional district magistrate, city magistrateSecretary to CommissionerAdditional municipal commissionerAdditional Director
Pay Level 12 or ADM grade78800 INR to 191500 INR20 years of serviceDeputy secretary in State SecretariatAdditional District MagistrateCity magistrateDeputy municipal commissionerDeputy DirectorExecutive MagistrateSecretary to Commissioner
Pay Level 11 or Deputy Secretary Scale67700 INR to 160000 INR15 years of serviceDeputy secretary in State SecretariatSub-Divisional MagistrateDeputy City MagistrateDeputy Municipal CommissionerAssistant DirectorExecutive Magistrate
Pay Level 10 or Junior Time Grade56100 INR to 177500 INRNDDy. collector /SDM
Pay Level 09 or Basic Administrative Grade53100 INR to 167800 INR1 year of serviceAssistant secretary in State SecretariatStaff officer to CommissionerBDO

(ii) PCS: Personal Communication Service

The full form of the communication technology abbreviation PCS is Personal Communication Service.

What is Personal Communication Service?

PCS or Personal Communication Service is a generation of wireless-phone communication capabilities that enables terminal mobility and service profile management.

This technology is similar to a mobile communication service, with the only difference supporting extended mobility. PCS allows people to place and receive communications and is widely utilized as a data and voice communication tool over a wireless medium.

PCS combines a range of features and services for several voices or data communications systems that are transferred wirelessly, uniting digital services and providing services, unlike high-tech cellular mobile or paging services. Besides, PCS can also help implement other wireless communications services, including services that permit people to locate and receive communications.

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