Tableau Environmental setup

In this section, we will learn how to download and install tableau for free.

After downloading tableau setup, the installation is a very easy process.

The following steps and screenshots will properly describe the entire setup process step- by- step.

Step:1 Open the browser and then go to

Go to Tableau dot com







Step:2 The following webpage will open. Under Products, click on Tableau public.

Under Products click on Tableau public


Step:3 Once we reach this webpage, we need to enter a valid email address and then click on Download Tableau Public.

click on Download Tableau Public

Step:4 The tableau software download will begin automatically.

tableau software download will begin automatically

Step:5 As soon as the download is done, we just need to launch the setup. A dialogue box will appear just check the button and click on install.

download is done we just need to launch the setup

Step:6 It will take some time to get installed. So, give it a few minutes.

Get some time to get installed tablue

Step:6 Once the installation is complete, a dialog box will appear seeking for our permission. Go ahead and click on YES.

Tablue installation is complete

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