Python if-else

Python if-else The else statement is associated with if statement. An else statement executes if the conditional expression in if the statement becomes false or a Zero value. If the conditional expression is false, then control transfers to the else …

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PHP String get_html_translation_table() Function

The get_html_translation_table() function in PHP is used to return the translation table used by the htmlentities() and htmlspecialchars() functions. Syntax

Parameter table (optional)- This parameter specifies which translation table to return. It either returns HTML_ENTITIES or HTML_SPECIALCHARS. flags (optional)- This parameter specifies which quotes …

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PHP fprintf() Function

PHP fprintf() Function The fprintf() function in PHP is used to write a formatted string to a specified output stream. Syntax

Parameter handle(required)- This parameter represents a file system pointer resource that is typically created using fopen(). format(required)- The format string is …

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PHP echo() Function

PHP echo() Function The echo() function in PHP outputs or displays one or more strings. The major differences between print() function and echo() function is that echo accepts an argument list and doesn’t have a return value. Also, it is slightly faster than print() function. …

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PHP crypt() Function

PHP crypt() Function The crypt () function in PHP returns a hashed string using DES, Blowfish, or MD5 algorithms. Some constants of crypt() function are as follows: [CRYPT_STD_DES] [CRYPT_EXT_DES] [CRYPT_MD5] [CRYPT_BLOWFISH] [CRYPT_SHA_256] [CRYPT_SHA_512] etc. Syntax

Parameter str(required)- This parameter represents the …

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PHP crc32() Function

PHP crc32() Function The crc32() function in PHP  Calculates the crc32 polynomial of a string. Syntax

Parameter str(required)- This parameter represents The string to be calculated Return This function returns the crc32 checksum of string as an integer. Example 1

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PHP count_chars() Function

PHP count_chars() Function The count_chards() function in PHP is used to return information about characters in a string. Syntax

Parameter string(required)- This parameter represents the string to be checked. mode(optional)- It specifies the return modes Return This function returns …

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PHP convert_uuencode() Function

PHP convert_uuencode() Function The convert_uuencode() function in PHP is used to encode a string and returns the uuencoded data. Syntax convert_uuencode ( string $data ) Parameter data(required)- This parameter represents the data to be encoded. Return This function returns the uuencoded data or FALSE on failure. …

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PHP convert_uudecode() Function

PHP convert_uudecode() Function The convert_uudecode() function in PHP decodes a uuencoded string. Syntax

Parameter data- This parameter represents the uuencoded data. Return This function returns the decoded data as a string or FALSE on failure. Example 1


Example …

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EIGRP Basics

EIGRP stands for Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol. It is also called as the Hybrid routing protocol. It contains the features of both distance vector and link-state routing protocols. Characteristics of EIGRP There are the following characteristics of EIGRP: EIGRP …

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Static Routing

Static Routing Static Routing is the process in which static routes are manually added to the routing table through the direct configuration. Static routing is configured in the global configuration mode using syntax:

Where- ip route is used to …

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Dynamic Routing

Dynamic Routing Dynamic routing is used to update the routing table and find networks on the routers. It is easier than static routing and default routing, but it is more expensive in terms of bandwidth and CPU utilization. The main …

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Angular 8 Unit Testing

What is unit testing? Unit testing is a type of software testing where individual components of the software are tested. It is done during the development of any application. A unit may be a particular program, function, procedure etc. In …

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Angular 8 Module

Angular 8 Module It is a collection of services, directives, controllers, filters, and configuration information. angular.module is used to configure the $injector. The module is a container of the different parts of an application. Controllers always belong to a module. …

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Laravel Forms

CSRF Field For defining an HTML form in our application, we should include a hidden CSRF token field in the form, so that the CSRF protection middleware can validate the request. We use the @csrf Blade directive to generate the …

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Inference in First-order Logic

Inference in First-order Logic While defining inference, we mean to define effective procedures for answering questions in FOPL. FOPL offers the following inference rules: Inference rules for quantifiers Universal Instantiation (UI): In this, we can infer any sentence by substituting …

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Resolution Method in AI

Resolution Method in AI Resolution method is an inference rule which is used in both Propositional as well as First-order Predicate Logic in different ways. This method is basically used for proving the satisfiability of a sentence. In resolution method, …

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