Features of GoLang

Features of GoLang:

Here we are going to introduce you to some interesting features of Go Language, which are as follows:


It is the main and most important feature of the Go language.

In the Go Language, "Go routine" is the basic fundamental unit to obtain the concurrency in your developing project. Goroutines are very light weighted and very easy to use in the program. It is as easy as defining a keyword before a function inside the program. Because it is light weighted, so it makes execution very easy also. Mainly goroutine and channels are responsible for concurrency, which helps a lot in creating a go program and also helps in the use of multi-processor architecture effortlessly.


Go is a very simple and consistent language in comparison to other languages. This feature of the go language makes itself more popular in the programming language world. It was developed with a minimalistic approach, which makes it very easy to get started with it.

It provides consistency in the creation of any project. Sometimes it might require a bit more code in the program to make the consistency.

Object-oriented design:

As you know, the Go Language was created as a substitute, especially for the C++ language. Go does not support the concept of classes and objects. However, we can still use its concept with the help of the "struct" keyword.


 Go language has a super-fast compiler. You can compile a large go program in a few seconds with the help of this go compiler. There is another fact behind this fast execution that is the simplicity of the program. The go program's syntax is very simple, which also helps the compiler in the fast compilation.

In the compilation, the compiler invokes the linker at the program's last statement, which solves all the references related to the library. The compiler can easily compile the native codes even if they deny the requirement of other environments like JVM (Java Virtual Machine).


 There are many modern languages available in the market, which does not support the pointer, but the Go language has full support for it. The concept is the same as that of in C language; only the syntax is different.

It helps a lot in memory layout and also in the development of low-level system tools. This feature of go language makes itself more popular in the world of programming language.

Powerful and standard library:

 Go language has a strong standard library system. It has a powerful and large set of library package, which allows you to create your code easily in the program. The go language library has all the essentials tools with which you can easily create a program inside it. This feature of the go language makes itself more popular in the programming language world.  You can also access the Go language library from its official website, which is given below:


Standard and wide range toolset:

The go language has a standard and wide range of toolset available, which makes your development process efficient and very easy. These tools of go language improve the simplicity and readability of the go program. There are a lot of tools available in the library, which supports the go developer and make it easy to create a go program. Some of them are given below:

  1. Gofmt: Gofmt is a tool to create a go program without any difficulty. When you write a statement in the go program by using this tool, it automatically manages and put the statement in the correct format, which improves the readability of the program.
    1. Gorun: This one is an important tool for the developers who want to run a code written in python, which clearly means that this tool can be used by the go developers to do experiments with their codes being written in python. The Gorun tool attaches a "bang line" in the source code of the go program and runs it normally. This tool is also used in running a similar code file explicitly.
    1.  Goget: It is an important tool of the go language. This tool is used to perform operations with GitHub. Goget tool downloads the libraries from your GitHub repository and saves the library's path into your go system. This process helps you a lot and makes your way easier to import and export a library from your GitHub account. Using this tool, you can easily access and use your GitHub account's repository to develop the Go project.
    1. Godoc: This tool is important in the creation or development of a web app. The Godoc tool breaks the source code and comments into different parts written in the go program. After the parsing, it makes a new file or documentation. This file can be in HTML format or plain text format. This document is created very tightly; you can easily navigate the file with a single click on this document.

Testing capability:

The Go language has a great testing capability. This language provides you a chance to write the unit testing code at the same time while writing the source code for your project. It also supports you in the understanding of code coverage. The go language also supports you in creating the documentation of your source code by writing an example.

Garbage collection:

This is one of the strongest features of the go language. The Go language can easily handle such situations where the pointer gets dangled.

Case sensitivity:

Yes, the go language is a case sensitive language as it is the only language available in the market that uses identifiers like a type and a function name, and it is the part of its syntax. It means the name starting with an upper case will be visible in another package, while the name starting with a lower case will not be visible.

Static typing:

The go language is a statically compiled language, which provides the static typing in the program.

It also helps in taking care of the 'type conversion' in the compilation process.  This process is only possible because of the static type mechanism of go language. It gives a free hand to the developers in the coding section of a project's development.


It allows the user to handle two or more than two goroutines or go channels parallelly, at the same time. These goroutines and go channels are part of the concurrency. Only because of this feature, the go language grew upward and became shinier in the assembly of the software developers.

These features of the go language pull up the attention towards its side in the market among all the languages and attract the developers and the popular brands to adopt this language. These features also motivate start-up companies to use this language.