Nowadays, everyone loves to share cool snapshots on social media handles. Before putting the images on any site, editing is an integral part. File compression is one of method by which we can resize the photos without touching its quality.

Like images, we can also compress different jpeg files on our PC and laptop. Compressing files will accelerate the page loading speed and reduce the time to view the content.

Why do many people prefer JPEG nowadays?

Files are mostly compressed into the jpeg format. Many of them have large sizes that consume lot of space on our system. The best technique to work with these files is to minimize them in size. The different benefits of the JPEG method are given below:

  • Simple compression

While other formats do not provide flexible compression but JPEG does. It is very easy to decrease the size of any image or file with the JPEG format’s help. You can choose any quality and size of the file as per requirements.

  • Works on compatible devices

People use different devices to access social media platforms and do other online tasks. The JPEG form makes any file or image viewable from any device. It reduces the size of the photos or images, and one can view them on smartphones, notepads, tablets, PC, and laptops.

  • Keeps the quality intact

One of the best advantages of selecting JPEG format is good quality. You can get the best quality images and files, indeed, by using the JPEG technique. Even if it compresses any file to the minimum size, we can still get acceptable quality.

  • Easy to use

Any beginner or amateur can use JPEG form without any professional help. It asks us to write the size of the compression. We can get the best quality images within a few seconds.

  • Gives elegant images

Images are the important part of any web page and website. It has the power to attract more visitors on any blogs or articles. If you have many digital images on your PC, JPEG will help you make them smaller. Furthermore, this tool provides amazing images to post on Facebook and other sites.

Which tools simplify the task of compressing the JPEG image into 100kb?

We can compress multiple photos and images to 100kb with the help of some tools. Some fantastic tools make compression much simpler. Below are given few of them.

1. JPEG Optimizer tool  

No one is unfamiliar with this name, especially web developers. JPEG Optimizer is the first and foremost choice of every professional to optimize his /her photos. It offers us the advantage of adjusting the size of all lovely images. The image optimizing method on this tool is similar to all other tools. Just enter the optimization level and get the image as we want.

2. ImageRecycle 

ImageRecycle is another mind-blowing tool to gain exquisite images. It does not only change the image into JPEG forms but also in PDF and PNG formats. During image analysis on this site, you can also get a report so that we can know the images that need optimization.

3. Trimage tool

If you have Linux installed in your system, Trimage is a perfect choice. It offers the highest quality of images for projects, assignments, or cover picture of social media sites.

4. Optimizilla

The name says everything. This tool gives snapshots into every size that we want. Most importantly, it keeps the quality of photos as it is.


Now, it is no more a nerve-racking job to get good quality images. The above tools will give the images in your style.

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