WHILE wend loop is used when the user is not sure how many times they want to execute the VBA code within the program. With a WHILE loop, the loop body may not even execute once.

If the set of condition estimates to True, the statements or the code between the While and Wend statements is executed. After the Wend statement is executed, control is passed back up to the While statement, where the specified condition is checked again. When condition estimates to False, the program execution skips to the first statement following the Wend statement. You can nest While…Wend loops within each other.


Example 1: Write a Macro in VBA using while wend loop to print the series of odd number between 1 to 10.


VBA While wend Loop

Example 2: Write a procedure or macro using While wend that does the following:

Get “Qualified” in column E if the value of column D is above 200


Name Title Date Sale Amount Qualified/Not Qualified
Alan Isaac Rothenberg IT Manager 6/8/2016 $220.00 Qualified
Christopher J. Murphy III Sales 1/1/2014 $251.00 Qualified
Elmer C. Laslo Customer Service 6/16/2016 $217.00 Qualified
Frank Zane Data Entry Specialist 5/31/2015 $344.00 Qualified
Gerard M. Banmiller Customer Service 1/11/2014 $980.00 Qualified
Gregory L. Gibson IT Manager 11/22/2015 $178.00 Disqualified
John C. Black Customer Service 3/31/2014 $258.00 Qualified
N. William White Data Entry Specialist 12/21/2015 $38.00 Disqualified
Robert F. Mangano Data Entry Specialist 7/16/2015 $371.00 Qualified
Ronald J. Carlson IT Tech 6/8/2016 $67.00 Disqualified
Thomas E. Vessey Customer Service 3/21/2016 $437.00 Qualified
VBA While wend Loop2

Example 3: Write a macro or procedure in VBA using nested while wend loop to print the dual dates of different months.


VBA While wend Loop3

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