IoT GE Predix

The GE Predix stands for the General Electric Predix. GE Predix is a software platform that collects data from industrial instruments. It provides a cloud-based PaaS (platform as a service) that enables industry-level analysis for operations optimization and performance management. It connects data, individuals, and equipment in a standard way.

GE Predix was designed to target factories. It gives their ecosystems the same easy and efficient function as the operating systems that transformed cell phones. It was initially a tool for General Electric's internal IoT, specially created to monitor the products sold.

Benefits of IoT GE Predix

Connectivity: Relaxed connectivity from assets to facets and from edge to the cloud. It also supports OT protocols, challenging business environments, and bi-directional communication through facets/the cloud.

Interoperability: The services are designed to inter operate on the platform. The service Orchestration and automation are provided through infrastructure and platform services. It provides security barriers for application developers and owners.

Statistics control: It is designed to help scalable and extensible industry use instances. The channeling of statistics consists of statistics ingestion, filtering, and tag mapping across multiple statistics sorts. For example, time collection, snapshots, etc.

Security: It provides security throughout each layer of the platform. Authentication, authorization, user management, terminal rental, information confidentiality, and various services help to reduce the dangers associated with the programs.

Note: GE Predix has also partnered with Intel, Verizon, and Cisco to introduce Predix-compatible devices for the businesses.