Difference between Vue.js and AngularJS

Vue.js vs. AngularJS

Difference between Vue.js and AngularJS

What is Vue.js?

Vue.js is an open-source progressive JavaScript framework used to build a user interface and the single-page web applications. It is the popular JavaScript framework used to simplify web development. This framework helps us to develop the app faster and allows us to create a more attractive and user-friendly application. Vue.js framework is one of those new software technologies that are widely used for web development all over the world.

We can use the Vue.js framework to develop the front-end application. The core library of the Vue.js framework is mainly focused on the view layer only. It is very easy to pick up and integrate into the other libraries and existing projects for front-end development. Vue.js uses the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript language to build the Vue.js application.

Evan You developed the Vue.js, who is an ex-employee of Google. The first version of Vue.js was launched in Feb 2014, and the last upgraded version (2.6) of Vue.js was released in Dec 2019. It was licensed under the MIT.

What is AngularJS?

AngularJS is an open-source JavaScript framework used to develop a dynamic web application. It was developed by “Misko Hevery” and “Adam Abronsa” in 2009. Now, it is owned and maintained by Google. It is a popular framework for front-end development, which provides the HTML template -based syntax to develop the web application. The AngularJS framework is entirely based on HTML and JavaScript languages. AngularJS manipulates the DOM object by adding HTML with the directives. Its data binding and directives injection features eliminate a lot of the code; otherwise, we need to write unnecessary codes.

Angular converts the static HTML into the dynamic HTML. It is mostly used by Forbes, Google, Instagram, WhatsApp, healthcare, etc.

Main Differences between Vue.js and AngularJS

Here, we are going to discuss the main differences between the Vue.js and AngularJS framework.

  1. Vue.js framework is useful for lightweight and single-page applications, whereas, AngularJS framework is a great option to build a big project.
  2. Vue.js and AngularJS frameworks are performing fast with a similar number on various benchmarks. So, the performance of Vue.js and AngularJS is the same in real-time.
  3. Vue.js uses the one-way data flow between the components. In contrast, AngularJS uses the two-way data binding between scopes, and we need to use third-party components to communicate with asynchronous services.
  4. In terms of design and API, AngularJS is a little complex than the Vue.js.
  5. Vue.js uses HTML, CSS, and JavaScript languages to develop an application, whereas AngularJS uses HTML and JavaScript languages.
  6. Vue.js is easy to learn and use if we have basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, whereas AngularJS is complex to learn and use due to its complex design and API.
  7. Vue.js framework will take less than a day to develop a single-page application, whereas AngularJS will take more time to develop non-trivial applications.
  8. For installation, Vue.js uses CLI, NPM, and CDN. However, AngularJS doesn't have to be built separately. It has to be added like any other JavaScript file so it can be included in applications.
  9. Vue.js framework uses HTML-based template syntax and builds with concepts such as Models and Components, while AngularJS is built entirely using JavaScript.
  10. Vue.js mainly focus on the ViewModel, whereas AngularJS implements MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel) pattern, which provides more features to display the portion of data.
  11. Vue.js is a progressive framework used to build a single-page web application, whereas AngularJS is a web application framework used to build a web project.

Comparison between Vue.js and AngularJS

Here, we are going to make a comparison between Vue.js and AngularJS in tabular form.

Basic for ComparisonVue.jsAngularJS
ComplexityIn terms of design and API, Vue.js is simpler, and it takes less than one day to build a non-trivial application.In terms of design and API, AngularJS is a little complex than Vue.js, and it takes more time to develop a non-trivial application.
Easy IntegrationIt is an easy integration with other front-end libraries that makes the framework flexible and user-friendly. If any function is missing or any improvement is required, we can integrate them easily with the library.It is also easy to integrate, but it is popular with the third party’s components and JavaScript. The framework has been developed by many developers and can be implemented into an AngularJS application.
CompatibilityIt is good with backward compatibility.Projects built-in AngularJS due to core differences cannot be converted to Angular 2.
TypeScriptUsing the CDN library, coding can be done anywhere in a code pen.To begin with Angular, users need to have a basic understanding of TypeScript.
FlexibilityIt can be merged easily with other projects without any issues.It is not easy to start working with other existing projects.
Data BindingVue.js uses the one-way data flow between the components that makes data flow easier, and it helps to develop a non-trivial application very quickly. We can use the libraries if we want to connect with asynchronous services.AngularJS uses two-way data binding, but when we want to be connected to asynchronous services, we need to use components developed by third parties to integrate with the application.
PerformanceThe performance of Vue.js is faster and lighter than Angular.The performance of AngularJS is fast and decent for front-end development.