Difference Between Vue.js ReactJS and AngularJS

Vue.js vs. ReactJS vs. AngularJS

Difference Between Vue.js ReactJS and AngularJS

Before starting the comparison between Vue.js, ReactJS, and AngularJS, we must know about these frameworks.

What is Vue.js?

Vue.js is an open-source progressive JavaScript framework used to build a user interface and the single-page web applications. It is the popular JavaScript framework used to simplify web development. This framework helps us to develop the app faster and allows us to create a more attractive and user-friendly application. Vue.js framework is one of those new software technologies that are widely used for web development all over the world.

We can use the Vue.js framework to develop the front-end application. The core library of the Vue.js framework is mainly focused on the view layer only. It is very easy to pick up and integrate into the other libraries and existing projects for front-end development. Vue.js uses the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript language to build the Vue.js application.

Evan You developed the Vue.js, who is an ex-employee of Google. The first version of Vue.js was launched in Feb 2014, and the last upgraded version (2.6) of Vue.js was released in Dec 2019. It was licensed under the MIT.

What is ReactJS?

ReactJS is a JavaScript user interface library used to build the UI web pages, mobile applications, and single-page web applications. ReactJS is developed and maintained by Facebook and a group of community-based developers. It was initially released in 2013 to supports the cross-platform applications. The ReactJS code is entirely written in the JavaScript language.

What is AngularJS?

AngularJS is an open-source JavaScript framework used to develop a dynamic web application. It was developed by “Misko Hevery” and “Adam Abronsa” in 2009. Now, it is owned and maintained by Google. It is a popular framework for front-end development, which provides the HTML template -based syntax to develop the web application.

The AngularJS framework is entirely based on HTML and JavaScript languages. AngularJS manipulates the DOM object by adding HTML with the directives. Its data binding and directives injection features eliminate a lot of the code; otherwise, we need to write unnecessary codes. Angular converts the static HTML into the dynamic HTML. It is mostly used by Forbes, Google, Instagram, WhatsApp, healthcare, etc.

Comparison between Vue.js, ReactJS, and AngularJS

Here, we will discuss important comparisons between the Vue.js, ReactJS, and AngularJS framework in tabular form.

Basics for comparisonAngularJSReactJSVue.js
TypeAngularJS is an open-source JavaScript framework.ReactJS is a library that builds a user interface.Vue.js is an open-source JavaScript framework.
Why ChooseIf we want to use TypeScript.If we want to go for “everything-is-JavaScript” approach.It uses JavaScript and HTML.
DevelopedGoogle develops it.It is developed and maintained by Facebook.It is developed by Evan You, who is an ex-employee of Google.
Initial ReleaseIt was initially released in September 2016.It was initially released in March 2013.It was initially released in February 2014.
Application TypesNative apps, hybrid apps, and web applications.Single-page applications and mobile applications.An advanced single-page application and started supporting native applications.
Ideal forIf we want to focus on large-scale and feature-rich applications.It is suitable for modern web development and native-rendered apps for iOS and Android.It is ideal for single-page applications and web development.
ScalabilityAngularJS scalability is easy to design as well as powerful CLI.ReactJS claims to be more testable than Vue.js, and therefore it is more scalable than Vue.js.Vue.js is just behind the ReactJS, which makes it a right choice, but lacks a list of best scaling practices.
Learning CurveIt is a steep learning curve.It is a little bit easier than the Angular.It is a small learning curve.
Written inTypeScriptJavaScriptJavaScript
ModalIt is based on MVC (Modal-View-Controller) architecture.It is based on (Document Object Modal).It is also based on (Document Object Modal).
Community SupportIt has a large community of developers and supporters.Facebook developer’s community.An open-source project sponsored through crowdsourcing.
Language UsesIt uses the TypeScript language to build an application.It uses the JSX and JavaScript language to build a user interface.It uses the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript language to develop a single-page application.
PopularityIt is widely popular among developers.It is also widely popular among developers who want to build a user interface.It is highly popular than ReactJS and AngularJS.
Companies UsingIt is mostly used by Google, Forbes, Instagram, WhatsApp, healthcare.com, etc.It is mostly used by Facebook, Netflix, Twitter, Reddit, Walmart, and many others.It is used by Alibaba, Gitlab, Baidu, and many others.